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Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh The Joy!!

There are many truly joyful times in a parent's life. 
The first time a baby says, "mommy" or gives a kiss.
A good grade or a kind gesture.
Watching siblings play together (right up till the fight.)

I think it is safe to say potty training is NOT one of these joys.  I will say for myself it has bever been a huge deal.  Of course I have probably forgotten some of the hassle since a little time has passed.  Shaye is refreshing my memory.
If I had to pick out some of the joys of potty training in my search for the silver lining they would be
~Going to the bathroom thirty times a day to only witness any results about three times a day.  (Obviously some of this list is going to be facetious.)
~Listening to Shaye try to say "panties".
~Having all the laundry clean due to multiple "accident" loads.
~The exercise I get sprinting with a twenty three pound two year old under my arm.
~ Having someone in the bathroom with me to cheer for me when I go successfully.
~Alternatively laughing and getting frustrated when she insists on dressing and undressing herself.
~Hanging out with Shaye alone in the bathroom singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". 
And finally
~The amazement that came from realizing Shaye had successfully flushed an entire pair of panties while I was trying to find the wipes!  (Who thinks this is going to end in a call to the plumber?)

This marks a first.....a celebratory "THE LAST".  I was a bit sad when breast feeding ended.  I may have been a bit sad at THE LAST first word, first steps, first birthday.  But this last is a relief...THE LAST potty training!!  And soon............THE LAST diaper!! 

Of course there will be grandkids, but I am certain Ty will listen to me and wait until Shaye is out of the house before he has any.  Because I said so. Right?


  1. I'm still working on potty training the second....I congratulated myself on a job well done and then the accidents started. I can't seem to get through to my three year old that peeing in his underwear is not a good thing. And I still have one more that will go through the whole wonder in a year or so. I hate potty training.

  2. LOL -- I thought my hubbie was the only one who had experienced an accidental underwear flushing incident! Yes, the one stage I will not be sorry to have the last of! She turned 2 today, and we have been working on it the past couple of months -- just easing into it. wish me luck!

  3. LOL - I hated potty training too. I have a step-granddaughter and I rarely change a diaper. That is the joy of being a grandparent. You have fun with them and hand them back when they need to be changed.

    This sounds stupid; but it goes fast. Enjoy it. My kid are getting so big they don't want to cuddle. I miss the younger years because they always wanted to cuddle.

  4. I'm a few short months away from our youngest going to kindergarten for the first time. I'm going to lose it.

  5. I haven't started with potty training my youngest yet... She will test me!

  6. Saying goodbye to potty training is THE BEST goodbye ever!!

  7. Yay for being done with potty training!

    that was a big reason I don't get that baby twinge any more. I think about starting all over and oh, no way!

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  10. I do agree with you. Children are not just a joy, they are rather troubles. However, they bring a lot of light and happiness in our life.

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