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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Just In

Nothing is "just in".  Nothing is exciting.
I just couldn't think of a better title.

I haven't written about tri training lately, so I am going to do that.  Just in case you think all I am doing around here is grounding kids and taking naps. 

I have three areas to discuss.  (Really just two. I'll have to think of a third one while I write.)

1. Nutrition
I texted my sista-girl buds and told them for our girls night I wanted to go to the 59 Diner and have a fried egg hamburger and a milkshake.  Sarge texted me back that it sounded like a great meal for an athlete.  It's ok.  She can make fun of me all she wants since she called me an athlete.
Other than that we are holding strong on the sugar limitations.  No sodas have been in the house diet, or regular.  As far as I know there have been no pop tarts.  It turns out that left with no other choice the kids will eat strawberries, blueberries, cantalope, watermelon, apples, and oranges.  After about two weeks they will even quit griping about it.

Here is Saigie enjoying a peach.  Do you like her hair feather??

I finally ventured into the realm of smoothie-ness.  I have been making delicious sugar free smoothies with greek yogurt, berries and peaches and spinach even.  It is good to get some protein in the morning and even a couple of servings of fruit/veggies.  I hope to keep this up when school starts.  Rushed breakfast is the hardest time for me to make decent food choices.

Here is Ty lamenting the loss of his morning Pop-Tart.  He did admit though that his workouts are going a lot better when he eats something more nutritious for breakfast.

2. Failure
I could really use a win.  I don't think I have completed a run in like two weeks.  That completion was awesome.  The first time I have run six miles in under an hour!!  Woot.  Followed by two weeks of crap!
For example, this morning I was supposed to run 7 miles starting at warm up pace and slowly getting faster.  I didn't make it.
Biking has been more difficult than usual.  Two workouts a week I am supposed to get up to zone 4 heart rate and my legs just aren't cooperating.  They kind of feel like big useless sacks of sand. 

My imagine reasons are: resumed weight training, heat, workouts geared to building back up to olympic length triathlons, waking up to late and then dealing with heat.
My imagine solution: fried egg hamburger and beer and a cruise.

3. Critters
I have seen a lot of critters lately. 
I have seen snakes, bunnies, squirrels, armadillos, a deer, buzzards and one possum who was walking right down the sidewalk at 5:30 am. 
I don't know about vermin behaviors, but I guess the severe drought has them searching for water.  Or maybe they are searching for Popsicles because the snake was right on my front porch.  (Oh why didn't I take a picture!?)
The neighbor lady I accosted when I first moved in told me today she was running over the weekend and ran right past two coyotes thinking they were deer.  She said one was pissed and lunged toward them.  I guess after that he decided it was too hot to attack her or her dog.  I will be on the look out.

It started raining today during my run which was nice.  My arm started stinging and I realized I had through a swam of flying ants.  There were about fifteen on my arm.  These are the last five or so that managed to hang on for the entire run.  (It is hard to take a picture of my own arm.  Even more so when this creature is hanging on to my legs letting me know she was NOT happy to stay at home with the brothers while I ran.)

 I got slightly spoiled by the Texas drought and I was quite shocked when I woke up to rain the other morning.  I had to set up the bike trainer.  I asked Ty to come take my picture. He smiled and said, "ok" then I never saw him just imagine me riding my little heart out here.

I thank all of you with low entertainment thresholds for making it through the whole post! 

Do you know if any tried and true solutions for sand bag legs?  Do you like fried egg hamburgers?  Have you ever fed a snake a Popsicle?


  1. Evidently everyone in Brazil eats fried eggs on their burgers. (Random fact learned post mission trip.) Isn't it HOT where you live? Even at 5:30 in the morning. I just can't imagine!

  2. I've never heard of a fried egg hamburger... doesn't sound very good though :0/ I will try not to judge

  3. Fried eggs on hamburgers are AWESOME. I had my first one about a month ago and I was all, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?"

    Yes, I talked to it.

    I have had the watery legs of jello for no apparent reason before. I finally figured out that I was getting a little anemic around a certain time of the month. Hasn't been a problem since.

  4. you have a great blog! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  5. I am not sure what sandbag legs are...but I've only just returned to the gym and begun my climb back towards healthy. I am surprised that I am not hurting more... maybe I'm not working hard enough? If you are so sweaty your water bottle slips out of your hand, are you in the zone? I think I may be the bionic woman.....better, faster, able to hear plot whispers against the almight united parent front from the back to leap toy filled obstacle courses in a single...except
    ...nah, really, all I want now, is to try a fried egg hamburger. Motivation has curled up to sun itself - much like a contented popsicle eating snack on a warm front porch :)

  6. A few things for you...

    1-How does one survive without diet soda, especially diet coke?

    2- An armadillo? Really?

    3- What possesses one to put a fried egg on a burger? I'm tempted to find out....

  7. I made it to the end of the post!

    First, congrats on your healthy eating transformation. That is such a difficult thing to do in your house.

    I love your questions at the end and I have horrible answers to them.

    I don't know what sandbags are, so I don't know how to get rid of them.

    I have never tried a fried egg on hamburger, but it actually sounds a horrible for you, greasy sort of way.

    I have in fact never fed a snake a popsicle. I've clearly led a sheltered life. :)

  8. I have never had fried egg on a hamburger but I'm almost certain I've seen it a few times on Diner's Drive Ins and Dives and I'm super tempted to try it.....sounds weird but delicious.
    I am terrified of snakes! We have at least one in our yard and I saw a bird attacking it the other day. I still get the heebie jeebies every time I go in the yard.

  9. For always bringing a smile to my face, and a chuckle to my heart...I've given you the Sunshine Award. Head on over to my blog to check it out/receive.

  10. You are inspiring me! I have been in a work-out slump lately. You are also inspiring me to go to 59 Diner (We have one in Houston! Is that where you live??) to try that fried egg hamburger. I could eat half of it at least! On another note, thank you for your encouraging comment on my BFF post over at Things I Can't Say about my son's speech & that mean turtle. :) Following you now!

  11. Great title! Sometimes you just gotta bluf your way through life.

    Unfortunately I do not have any great remedy for sandbag leggs. I wish I did.

  12. Ok, fried egg hamburger? I'll never say never. I'll let you know when I have given it a go. Thanks for popping by my place.

  13. I made it through to the end...tried and true reader, Heather! ;)

    It amazes me that you are having a drought there...we are having major rain storms and, in some areas, serious flooding! Weird.

    I love the pic about your son grieving his pop tart! Hah! Pop Tarts are like gold around here - we only get them when camping...and camping season is upon us. The treats are about to make their appearance soon! So, I know the value of a good pop tart... :) I get it... :)

  14. I read the whole post! I don't really want all the creepy crawling critters I have at my house.

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