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Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Wonder

I lost nearly fifteen pounds this school year.  I still have like two to go.  My wine consumption may go up while I am at home with the kids, so that two pounds may never happen.  Whatever.

Before losing any weight I went and had my resting metabolism calculated.  Basically the result was that I could eat around 1500 calories a day and maintain that same weight.  I get to add back in the amount of calories I work off training for triathlon.  That could be any where from 300 - 1200 depending on the workout schedule for the day, usually 600ish.

I monitor the calories in order to lose weight, but also to make sure I have enough fuel to train for an endurance sport.
One of my goals this summer was to help the kids eat healthier.  This morning I nagged talked to Ty about the amount of calories he was taking in.  By 11:30 am he had eaten the following.
Colossal power bar thingie
bottle of Muscle Milk
large orange
one Totino's pizza - the whole pizza, not a slice.
Cesar salad with chicken
Immediately after the pizza and salad he fixed himself a bowl of cereal I could swim in.  I exploded.  I told him it was no wonder there was never any food at our house and our grocery bill was more than our mortgage!!  (Not really) I pointed out to him that it was 11:30 am and he was getting ready to exceed 2000 calories of food!!

I marched into the computer room ready to prove my point.  I looked up the daily caloric needs for a 6'1, 255 pound 15 yo. (I had to look up 19 yo.  They didn't have this information for that size of 15 yo.)
3350 - A DAY
3350 calories a day to main his current weight.
I read on.  It also stated that for every hour of exercise a person of this size completes 600 calories should be added back in.   Ty works out for two hours every morning with the football team, but I am only going to add 600 cuz I figure for some of that time they are getting instructions, or on a water break.  Mostly I will not add 1200 calories back in because I just can't fathom it.

I asked him if he wanted to lose any weight and he said, "some".  (His coaches have told him to trim some fat, but they don't expect to lose actual pounds while lifting so much weight. Just in case you thought I was encouraging my child to be obese.)  To lose one pound a week would want to eat 2850 calories a day.
I can't even imagine.

No wonder our pantry is always bare and my wallet is always empty.

If could eat 3000 calories a day and not gain any weight, what would you eat?


  1. oh, easy one....jelly beans. Isn't it ironic that they are called "Jelly Belly"? That's one problem I have noticed since starting at the gym...I'M HUNGRY! How can I lose weight, when working out makes me hungrier?

  2. What would I eat? Well...I guess everything my heart desired. That would be amazing!

    Growing boys - WOW! That is a LOT of food!

  3. I would eat everything I wanted just like I did when I was a teenager! Damn, I miss those days!

  4. Anything sweet...cake, cupcakes, ice cream. Yummy! I'd probably go into a sugar coma though before I reached 3000 calories!

  5. Ty is one BIG boy!
    Hell what wouldn't I eat? PB MnMs, cinnamon rolls, pan of brownies, I think I see a trend here...

  6. My 17yo son is 6'3" and 185#. He's a swimmer. He easily puts away 4,000 calories/day. He went away to swim camp where they practiced twice a day and he lost weight. He just couldn't eat enough food. Our grocery bill should go down significantly when he leaves for college in 3 weeks.

  7. ...but you do realize that teens know better so don't expect your teen to really listen to you...
    ----mom of a teen

  8. I wish I could have 3,000 calories! That is insane!

  9. I'd eat Rosati's pizza every night. No-brainer.

  10. Pizza and brownies! All day long!

  11. Cupcakes, gummy bears, ice cream, pasta. I'd eat that everyday if I could.

  12. In Ty's defense...Totino's pizza? You can't eat a slice of that. Those things are tiny and wafer thin! A whole Totino's pizza is like a slice of a real pizza.

  13. Damn, that's a lot!! Its says i can only eat 1200 a day *sigh*. I'd eat nachos. and dill pickle chips. Any type of chips really.... and olives. and chocolate.

    Ok, now I'm hungry.


  14. Ugh. I know...I have a 15 year old boy...6 feet tall. 180 pounds. Eats us out of house and home. I started extreme couponing because he literally eats us out of HOUSE. And. HOME. Really. But, he's not fat. Just tall.

    What would I eat? Well, I can eat just about anything right now. My M.S. meds have taken me from a size 12 to a size 4/6 in less than a year. And falling. I can fit into some of my 14 year old daughter's clothes now. (This is somewhat wonderful for somebody who has been struggling with her weight since she's had kids...who are now in high school...if you're going to have a life-long disease, there may as well be some perks!)
    But, what if I could eat ANYTHING???? That would be ice cream.
    And I do.

  15. Ice cream, definitely! :)

    PS: hopped over from your BFF feature!

  16. Congratulations on your weight loss. I would eat donuts and bread. I can't lose any weight, not matter how much exercise I do. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them.

    btw - I hear your pain regarding how much the kids eat during the summer. It's killing my budget!

  17. OMG, 3000 calories a day! All chocolate!

  18. Holy Cow- We go through the same thing!! TMan eats a TON!! We actually have to hide food sometimes because it's gone 10 minutes after we buy it!! We spend well over 300 a week on food. It. Is. Crazy.

  19. Chocolate and pizza. How did they test your metabolic rate? I've heard different methods and differing tales of the accuracy.


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