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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lexicon Love

I have never wanted a smart phone.  First they seem only to be as smart as the person holding them which doesn't hold my promise for me.  Second they seem to turn some people into technology addicted future carpel tunnel patients who are reduced to using them to check the weather every fifteen minutes and look up directions to a restaurant they have already been eating at for the last three years.
Besides I would rather spend that thirty dollars of data plan money on cheap jewelry and GU every month.

Until now.
My work buddy, Shawna, has the coolest app on her phone.  (Yes, even cooler than the app The Coach has that alerts him to upcoming PMS.)  She has a word of the day app.  We have been having loads of fun with it.  We learn the words and then make sentences out of them.  Yeah.  I know.  We might be nerds.

Here is a sampling.  (Look em up yourself.  It's late and I don't want to type definitions to words you might already know.)

Sentence - Had I possessed one iota of lambent insight I would have recognized him for the deleterious soul  he was.

Look at that!  The opening line to my future best seller.

I nicitated at the numismatist who was screaming like a banshee as I pulled a rare coin out of my cleavage.

Ok.  That one was lame.

Write me a sentence using any of those words, or any other words that might be your favorite, like somnambulate.  I promise I won't steal the sentence to use in any future novel!! 

Thanks in advance for the entertainment.


  1. Welcome to smart phone, app addiction.
    I thought I never wanted/needed a smart phone either. I got one when my old phone died last December and the rest is history...

  2. Ahh, see, but you can have a love affair with new words and maintain your disdain (and rhyme apparently) for technology! Word of the day calendar! I actually have two separate word of the day calendars, so I get not one but two chances to irritate my family with my copious vocabulary. :)

  3. It's all about the scrabble app for me. Love it.

    And one of my favorite words is defenestrate. Sadly it doesn't come up in conversation much :)

  4. I am pretty sure that in the olden days they used to make calendars that had a word of the day ;)

    I have a dumb phone still. Maybe someday I'll upgrade to a smart one.

  5. I might have to get this app, improve my vocab a little!

    Here's my sentence: Walgreen's rules about selling me decongestant yesterday sent me in to a banshee type state, which I am pretty sure scared my children and all other Walgreens customers.

  6. I LOVE words. I went through a period where I kept a dictionary at the side of my bed and would look up all sorts of words. I love word games, like Boggle.

  7. remind me not to buy your book...I'd have to read it with a dictionary handy!!!! LOL

    I may have to get the word of the day app!!!

  8. I often lament the painful reality that my smart phone is smarter than I am. And I'm with Kelly ... not buying a book that requires a dictionary! :)

  9. Careful, smartphone addiction is catchy! What every you do, don't try out Words with Friends.

  10. I'm too freaking cheap to pay the monthly data fee. I've been up since 4:30 AM, I got no fancy words this late at night.

  11. Hi, Stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday... happily following you and would love for you to consider following me back. Thanks, Malia

  12. Ok that is REALLY COOL! I'm getting that app

  13. Too brain dead for this right now. But,it sounds fun. You need a smart phone. It's my addiction. Well, when I can wrestle it away from the kids.

  14. Im so addicted to my phone and it's apps!!

    Cant wait for the book - I will be LMBO!


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