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Friday, May 6, 2011

CMA - Career Momming Average

If being  mom were like being a professional baseball player there would be a channel on t.v. so we could relive our best moments.  I decided that Mother's Day is a good time to think back and ponder great motherhood "plays."

Here are my best three motherhood moments.  (Other than just the fact that I managed to birth them!)

1.  The party we threw for Tanner's ninth birthday. 

 The rule at our house is each child can have a birthday party every other year.  Tanner generally gets the short end of the stick with the summer birthday.  This particular year my brother, Guns, offered his place for the party.  The invitations promised it would be the "World's Messiest Birthday Party"including chocolate syrup relays, whip cream and cheeto hairdos, and an egg toss.  To rinse them off we rolled out a super long slip and slide.  During the party one kid exclaimed, "All the cokes we can drink out in the country?!! This is the party rocks!!!!"  We finished the night off with fireworks and the kids carried me around on their shoulders singing my praises.  I was the coolest mom ever! 

Honestly I had to take a break after posting these pictures because it made me miss their young little selves so much I wanted to cry.
Indulge me for one more. 

Thank you.

2. My proudest moments are anytime the kids do something compassionate, or courteous whether or not they are recognized for it.
Examples - A counselor at Tanner's special ed meeting asked me, "You know what I always notice about Tanner?"  I braced myself.  "He always opens doors for people."  How sweet. (What a relief.)
Ty got the freshman student of the month award earlier this year.  The teacher who nominated him wrote that he always has a smile on his face plus kind words and a helping hand for his teachers and classmates.
Saige told me the other day she made a new friend because the girl looked sad and many people don't talk to her because she is in speech.  Her compassion made me so proud.

3. They will eat anything, at the table, as a family.  This is equal parts hard work and luck!!

And now for the blooper reel.  If I am going to celebrate my awesomeoness I should also admit to defeat on occasion.

1.  While pregnant I was driving with Ty in the car when another driver decided to make a left turn English style.  I may have yelled at her.  When she gave me the finger I may have rolled down my window and proceeded to cuss at her over Ty who was big enough to sit in the front seat.  It may even possibly have been one of two pregnant road rage incidents that summer.  Maybe.  I can't remember. 

2.  There was the time I was going to teach them and The Coach a lesson about their dinner table language.  They were discussing their junk yet again at dinner and I yelled out, "I had to scratch my sweaty c___ today!"  The kids are going to all need therapy.  (But they did quit discussing their parts at the dinner table.)

3. I was sitting on the back porch talking to my dad and we were discussing a friend of mine from high school.  I said something like, "That slut always stole my boyfriends." 
Then I heard Saige's small sweet voice from behind me, "Momma, What's a slut?"  

I just hope it balances out eventually. 

Got any highs and lows you want to share?  I can't wait to hear them.

Have a great Mother's Day no matter what side of the celebration you are on! And be on the lookout for the Mother's Day post written for me by The Coach!


  1. haha so cool - mentally going through all my mommy moments now!
    we do the same things with birthday parties - kids get them every other year.
    I'm gonna have to think about my mommy highs and lows and get back to ya on that :)

  2. This was a really enjoyable post! The scratch comment made me laugh out loud! Co-worker, outside my door, asked what was funny. I declined the opportunity to read it to her!

    Josiah got the *Most Like Jesus* award in Cubbies! Poor kid. He was 3 and already at the pinnacle!

    And Mom-failures? Gosh ... there are just too many to count but they all managed to survive to adulthood! :)

  3. That is the coolest party ever! You definitely win the cool mom award.

  4. This is excellent! And yes, best party ever...give me ideas as I have to think up not one but two party themes quick.
    I'll have to ponder my highs and lows. I see to have blocked them out.

  5. At this point with a 17 month old, I figure the highs are keeping her alive, right? I guess the other high is I forced in her a love of books. The lows? Every time I yell "no" when I know I'm supposed to distract her instead and every tantrum I solved with a pacifier instead of letting her get it out of her system.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I want to be invited to Tanner's next birthday party! It made me hungry just reading about it!

  7. Just sitting here in awe over the amazingness of that birthday party. And wondering where in the heck my invite went??

  8. The yelling the c word at the dinner table, had me in hysterics. I have so many fail moments, I just hope they remember lots of laughter, even if its at my expense.


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