So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


1.  I think Shaye's recent nose incident may be hereditary.  Earlier today I went to get a bunch of sharpened pencils so my students could take a scantron test.  (Remember those?) I dropped one and when I bent to pick it up I hit my elbow on the door frame.  The upward motion of my arm and the simultaneous downward motion of my head presented the opportunity to shove several freshly sharpened pencils up my nose.  Seriously.  I had to wipe pencil marks off of my nose for the next ten minutes.

2.  Last night I went to watch The Coach's baseball game.  He was very cute in his uniform and his team clenched the district title.  Every time I walk up into the stands at a game the same parent says the same thing, "We have to stop talking about the coach now."  He does NOT smile when he says it.  Can anyone suggest a comeback?

3.  The babies have renewed their efforts to never be more than two feet from me.  As a result of my clumsiness (see #1) I am constantly tripping over them, knocking them down, and stepping on their feet while I try to do laundry, cook dinner, and sweep. This week I decided to put an end to this clingyness and teach them to play without me.  I have been sitting on the porch reading a book refusing to play with them.  They have all their toys out there and they just stand and stare at me.  I am not getting any reading done and they are not getting much playing done.

4.  On the training front I noticed the other day that it seems just when I start to add up all the reasons I should quit: Soreness, old age, waking up early, lack of speed, expense, time, laziness, unclipping right on the bike and falling over to the left - I do something that renews my hope like run an easy two mile loop and then when I get home realize I ran that easy 2.2 mile loop in under twenty minutes. Then I can't wait to run again.

5. I officially got laid off of my summer school job.  Yeah and Boo.  Yeah because I can be vacation mom  for the summer and go to the pool and insist everyone take a nap and have a messy house and no way to escape from the children.  Boo because as I mentioned yesterday The Coach and I are going on a cruise this summer and The Coach has already told me we don't have enough money in the budget to pay for my wine, so I have to save up my own booze money.  Ludicrous.

Yeah.  I got nothing.  What you got?


  1. This post was simple, real, and really simply hilarious! From the pencils to the babies to the booze - Good stuff :D

    Love the great run!
    Not sure what you should say to the parents in the stands - I'm sure I would say something totally inappropriate that wouldn't go over well and would only be funny to me.

  2. I think you are right, clumseyness does run in the family..that way every time Shaye falls/hurts herself..she can blame her fathers side :)

    Not sure of the come back...our team doesn't care who hears their coach complaints :)

  3. Sorry about the layoff. And congratulations?

  4. They're laying off teachers and cutting the budget like crazy here. Andrew's school is going from 36 teachers down to 24 next year and no regular librarian. I have too many thoughts on this to even post, but you know, sometimes I wonder if maybe we cut the administrator's cushy salaries if we could possibly afford to pay the teachers we need.

    I can't think of a good comeback. But, I'd probably say something wildly inappropriate about sex.

  5. Yay for having summer off but that stinks that you have to skimp on the wine. Maybe you can get someone to send you some to review??

  6. I thought booze came along with the price of a cruise? No?

    Sorry about your pencil stabbing nose incident! Yikes!

  7. I don't know- I think you need to say it is your anniversary or honeymoon on your cruise- so that you can get free drinks. And pay attention to the drink specials of the day. :)

  8. Ok obviously we are meant to be buddies!! I too am super clumsy...your story could most assuredly been one of my own. Secondly, my hubby coaches..and I hate it when people say that. There is NO response except an awkward laugh and an uncomfortable game!! The cruise...well, I'd like to go on one (Keep fingers crossed...I might get one when hubby gets home from deployment). And if hubby cut me off finacially from booze $....I would probably have to sell sexual favors!!

  9. ~snicker~ Pay for your own booze! What does he think this is: a democracy? You're the wife. You get the booze. That's just how it works.
    Going on a cruise though: lucky!

  10. Oh I totally want to be vacation mom!

    Thank you for making me crack up with your comment on our blog - love the mental picture of your brother hiding with his legs sticking out :)

  11. To Baseball Dad, "How many kids have YOU gotten a college scholarship?"


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