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Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Not Fair

Say that title again while whining.  That is my tone.

I have been trying to lose weight since the first of the year.  I am not overweight and it isn't a medical necessity.  I just want to go ahead and say that I understand there are people out there who's reasons for weight lossare more importnat than mine. Mine reason is equal parts vanity and competitivenes.

Vanity - The Coach is taking me on a cruise this summer.  (I haven't told you this yet!  I am so stinking excited.)  I want to buy a bikini and be looking hot even though my fortieth birthday is right around the corner.

Looking like any one of these acresses would do.  Ha!

Competitiveness - As you know I am always looking for some way to run faster.  (Ok.  Fast.)  I figured if I were lighter it would be easier. Right?

So as part of these vain, competitive pursuits I have cleaned up my eating act.  I haven't starved myself by any means, but I have taken strides to stop "wasting calories" on things I don't truly enjoy.  For example, I love McDonald's fries, but usually three or three dips into the bag is enough.  In the past I just kept eating them because they were there. 

My plan was to lose fifteen pounds by July.  I figured six months to lose fifteen pounds was fairly conservative and also it would not cause my mom to screech at me and try to force feed me chicken fried steak.  (Kidding Mom, I am ALWAYS willing to eat your chicken fried steak.)

I have lost nine pounds since January.  It has involved tracking calories, looking up "lighter" fast food options, gearing WAY down on food on days I don't workout.  I haven't been starving, but I have been doing more than just HOPING to lose weight. 

Here is the unfair part.

My son, Ty, was told he needed to drop a few pounds before next football season.  He is a big guy.  He needs to be faster.  I didn't disapprove of the message because you should see what the kid eats.  He decided to give up cokes.  He decided this right before spring break and I was skeptical about how well the plan would work with that timing.  I was very impressed the whole time we were on our little vacation and even after we came back he stuck to tea and water. 
He lost five pounds in two weeks. 

Really?  He didn't change his eating habits.  He still comes home and eats an entire can of cold ravioli as part of his after school snack.  He didn't quit eating Little Debbi brownies either.
He lost five pounds.

The Coach usually goes on a baseball season diet, because he doesn't want to be the fat coach in the white baseball pants.  He quit eating the 67 boxes of Girl Scout cookies he ordered.  He lost six pounds in one week.

I hate them both.
It is not fair.
(But ha ha on them, neither of them will be getting a bikini!)

What unfairness exists in your life these days?


  1. I totally hate how men and boys can lose weight so fast!

  2. I lost 15lbs when I was 20 by switching to Diet Coke. There's a lot of calories in regular soda, especially if you are drinking over a liter a day, so I can totally believe that one.

    BUT. Guys lose weight faster because they have more muscle. And because they are big jerks. :)

  3. It's so true! On Biggest Loser, they lose like 25 pounds in one week!

  4. My meds are making it impossible for me to lose weight. They are also making me to tired to do a single damn thing, so the gym hasn't been happening either. My husband on the other hand, got put on a new med and he is dropping weight before my eyes. I want to secretly hook up a sugar iv while he's sleeping so he won't keep getting skinnier while I can't.

  5. I hear ya girlie! The guys in my life do the same thing and it makes me so stinkin' mad! Even though I will never EVER wear a bikini!

  6. Oh, I've been on a "it's not fair" whining kick for the past few days. I shouldn't get started or I really will leave the longest comment ever. LOL

    Weight loss is never fair. It always seems to come easier for men.

  7. If ever there was a topic for a guest post from the coach......I didn't read anything after the picture.

  8. Ugh, men suck! My husband goes running twice and loses 10 lbs. It took me over a month to lose that. Ridiculous!

  9. My husband eats and drinks like a pig all weekend and gains about 5 lbs. Then he loses it all during the week with his regular normal diet. Granted he doesn't really eat fast food much, doesn't eat a lot of fried foods during the week, but still, IT PISSES ME OFF! I try so hard on Weight Watchers and I have lost 7 lbs in like 3 months. I eat one bad thing and it ruins me for weeks.

    Stupid men.

  10. Gadget Guy drops pounds like that too! Its unfair!

  11. That is SO not fair (I'm whining with you - I'm good at whining). I dropped about eight pounds in the last few months - you know why? The first time, because I had a sinus infection and had no appetite, 2nd time, I had stomach flue. Not ideal. But diets don't work for me unless I exercise like crazy as well.

  12. OK guys lose pounds quicker but we are still the better half. (Have to cheer myself somehow:) )
    Your conservative plan seems the only reasonable way to do it and when you are done I want to see those bikini pictures.

  13. It is absolutely not fair that even though I've lost all the weight I wanted to lose, my boobs are smaller, but my kneecaps are still chubby. Seriously? Chubby knee caps? HOW IS THAT EVER FAIR?!

  14. Amen on the weight loss - I look at food and I gain weight *sigh* I say sport the bikini anyways, I'm sure You'll look great!


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