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Friday, April 8, 2011

For the Cycle

In baseball hitting for the cycle means a player hit a single, double, triple and home run in the same games.  It is a rare feat to be celebrated.

I don't exactly know what hitting for the cycle would be in motherhood and I don't know that the following experience should be celebrated, but after repeated fails the other day I just kept having the thought that I should give up and go to bed because I had in fact, hit for the cycle.

1. Drench.  I came running in from the garage after picking up four kids.  (God bless that ONE kid who manages to ride the bus home on Tuesdays.)  I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD.  I had my phone the waistband of my skirt and I was carrying Shaye.  I bent over to put the seat down (three sons) and my phone fell into the toilet.  I fished it out while still holding Shaye and still doing the pee pee dance.  Then I called Ty to come get the phone from me to take it apart an dry it out.  He said, "I am not coming in there while you are pee-ing."  Really?  It doesn't seem to have been a problem at any other time in his life.
(He did take apart the phone and then he covered the soaking wet thing with about eleven grains of rice.  Thanks Ty.)

2. Dig.  Shaye's nose has been really stuffy/runny lately.  I saw some disgusting matter in there and went after it with a tissue.  That didn't work.  She couldn't blow it out so I looked for the baby snot snucker.  I found the leftovers from when the dog had recently eaten it as a snack.  I attacked the offending nose matter with a Q-tip and realized it was too firm to be mucous related.  I decided to take one stab at it with the tweezers before I resigned to the ER.  I was figuring Shaye Baby must have got some tissue embedded in there.  Instead a pulled out a tennis shoe to a Polly Pocket.  Apparently she decided at the sitter's her nasal cavity would be a good place to shove a toy she is not allowed to play with. 

3.  Dump.  About that time my nice neighbor/coworker came over to discuss impending layoffs at our school.  She was sitting at a bar stool observing my domestic goddess prowess.   I picked up the pepper box with my good hand.  (Shaye was occupying the other arm.) and dumped half a box of pepper on the chicken breast I was preparing. Luckily that was easily fixed.

(About this time The Coach showed up unexpectedly.  He had a game and I thought he would be headed to it.  Obviously I didn't get the phone call that he needed to swing by because my damp phone was chilling out in a big bowl with eleven of its ricest friends.)

4.  Drop.  Finally I was rummaging through the freezer for some food item when I took out a frozen t.v. dinner.  Apparently some child had previously opened the dinner, peeled back the plastic then decided he didn't want it.  Frozen corn and chicken went everywhere. I called for Ty who was sweeping the dining room to come sweep the kitchen and then I wrestled corn kernels from Shaye before she could insert them into her nose.

I feel like I pretty much covered everything a domestic hero should in one day.  I guess I will break into my home run trot now and go sign some autographs!

I haven't hopped for a while so I thought I would.  If you are vising from the hops please let me know so I can return the favor.  (And don't expect me to ever do better for this, I mean I did hit for the cycle after all!)


  1. hahahahahahaha sorry God knows I have certainly had some of those days. it does my heart (and funnybone!) good to hear someone else with similar issues...
    :)hope today is better!

  2. Sounds like a day! woo wee! I hate when the lid to some kind of seasoning is loose and it goes all over...not fun! You're supermom!

  3. What a day but LOL!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow! What a fun fun day you had! I feel embarrased now that I complained so much of how long hours of rocking and wrestling to get my 9 month old to nap. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading your post! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. :)Now following you!

  5. What is it with kids putting stuff in their nose? When Piper was about two we were walking to the park, she sneezed and then showed me her hand which was covered in the snot was also one of her hair bands...she wasn't missing any from her head so it must have gone up her nose when I was putting her hair up that morning.

  6. Ok, that is an impressive day. No wonder you smoke the triathalons! After keeping up with your kids, that must seem like a breeze!

  7. Should I admit to laughing or would that send you over the edge? good. Enjoyed the humor.

    New GFC follower. Hoping you have a better tomorrow and that sunshine fits in there somewhere.


  8. LAWD Mama! You made me laugh, which makes me feel guilty. Some days we moms wonder how we make it to the end without collapsing!

  9. and I complained about my son feeding breadsticks and such to the vcr. Luckily, we never had anything shoved in a nose, other than a finger or two or three.

    Thank you for stopping by the blog. Please stop by next week when we're doing another giveaway with more antique jars.

  10. LOL Oh I am sorry that you had a day like that but THANK YOU for sharing. We are all truly domestic heros and godessess...or at least we try:)

  11. I am just still cracking up at your boy refusing to come in the bathroom while you were pee-ing. Cuz I'm afraid I may never be able to urinate without company...

  12. My mom once had to take me to the emergency room for sticking cereal up my nose. I'm still feeling senstive about that and its been 45 years.

  13. I am amazed, I have no idea how you managed all that! It's funny about your son not wanting to go in the bathroom.

    Great blog. Thanks for the follow, following you right back :)


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