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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


**Warning**  The purpose of this post is not to demean the situations of many people adversely affected by the weather in Texas over the weekend.
***Even if some crazy chick on the news admitted she had ventured out onto the frozen streets when the city had clearly asked for necessity driving only to.....................go to the tanning salon.  ARGH.

  I went to bed Thursday night dreaming of inches of fluffy white snow.  I envisioned the kids making real snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other.  I thought we would create snow angels and drink hot chocolate on our day off.
I woke up to this wintery wonderland.

The leaves were frozen.  Saige collected some of the leaf ice art to store in the freezer indefinitely.

I fell for it again. I have lived in Houston almost my whole life and I forgot  a forecast snow has NEVER pannned. out.(Later pun alert. )  An inch or so of the white stuff has three or four times taken us by surprise in the thirty five years I have lived here.  There was the time in elementary school when it snowed - slushed really.  All of the neighborhood kids were out collecting slush off of cars and trying to build slushmen.  My arch nemesis, Jeff Carlson, came and tried to steal my saute pan full of slush.  I defended my treasure by jerking it out of his hands and popping my brother in the mouth with it.  He staggered around the slush (staining it and rendering it useless.)  Then he went crying to Mom and she took him to get three stitches.
I seriously expected a call from him over the weekend reminding me of the incident.  His main problem seems to still be that I was allowed to play in the show while he was off getting stitches.  (IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.)

(Did you find the delayed pun?)
We enjoyed the Snow Day despite the lack of snow.  Both The Coach and I and the kids were all home from school.  There wasn't even baseball.  We couldn't go anywhere because of ice on the highway.  We stayed at home and and goofed off in the house.  I made four pots of gumbo.  I lost at Wii-wars to Ty.  (He cheats.)

And now............I am ready for spring.

So is Tayter.  He is not built for the cold.  Of course with that red hair and transparent skin he is not really ideal for the scorching hot summer here at all either.

How did you spend your snow (or no) day?


  1. We were pretty much holed up here. No plows came until 5pm so there was no chance of going anywhere...except sledding.

  2. Shovelling snow, that's how....we got something like 9879823443245 inches and I have to move it off the walk or the mail lady sues me! Hehehe, ok well maybe I've exaggerated on all fronts, but really, there is a 3874298374 inch sheet of ice under it all, so it is dangerous work.

  3. Snow is so much fun. Ice is not. We had about two inches of fluffy snow last night. It stuck in the trees. Pretty. Now go away!

  4. I will send you the tons of snow we got last night!

  5. I love "snow" days like that...even better if there is no ice and you can still get out.

    Your poor brother.

  6. Up here in Ontario Canada it feels like it has not stopped snowing since November!! Want me to send you some:)

  7. No snow, no rain, no sun, just clouds. Spent it doing the same as usual. I too am ready for spring. :)

  8. It took me a while, but I finally got it. I'm so ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I'd rather it be 105 than 55. I'm a Texan, through and through.


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