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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cake Mix and Bullets

I posted this a while back.  I found it odd that someone would give a homeless guy who was begging for money, cake mix of all things. I just couldn't figure it out.  Still haven't.

I drove by this intersection again the other day and there was another homeless man standing there.  He had a sign.  The sign said, 
"Bank Robber.  Need money for bullets."

I laughed and the homeless man/bank robber motioned for me to roll down my window. 

I did and he shouted that he liked my sense of humor and he loved my hair.  He told me that if my husband didn't treat me right I should come back and see him.  I drove home that same way several times with my camera looking for him so I could post his sign.  He is gone.  I can't find my boyfriend.

This reminded me of an essay Tanner once wrote about doing a good deed.
He wanted to be sure I didn't plagiarize and I gave him full credit, so...the following is an original essay by my son Tanner when he was in the fifth grade.

    First my mom and I thought of a good deed.  We decided to give sack lunches to hobos.  To do this we had to make lunches.  I got to spend good quality time with my family.   The lunches had turkey and ham sandwiches, chips, fruit, a drink and cookies.
    Next we got in the car and drove off to look for hobos.  That night it was really cold.  I did not think we would see any people because of the cold.  We did see two guys under an overpass near a Waffle House.  Hobos like the Waffle House.   They looked starved and they were.  I called the first man over and said, “We made you this lunch.  Merry Christmas”.   He said, “God Bless You,” and smiled.  Later we saw him walking away from the overpass.  A few minutes later we saw a guy carrying a sack and I gave him the other lunch.
    This made me feel happy that I did a good deed.  It was my destiny to give these people their lunches.  I was happy for the hobos because they got to eat that night.   It also made me very sad.  It only took about thirty minutes.  The reason I picked this good deed is because it is no fun to be hungry on the holidays.  Now after reading this you might get hungry go ahead eat I don’t care.  

So there you have it.  Hobos like Waffle House.  And faux hawks.
And Tanner doesn't use transition words.


  1. lol that is so cute and funny at the same time, what a great kid. hobo is such a funny word, it's not used around here much. too bad you couldn't find your new man in waiting to take that pic, it would have been hysterical!

  2. That is a great essay! We have a homeless man here, (we live in a small town) and I keep extra blankets in my car incase we run into him. It worries me and Cam that he may be cold...

  3. I loved this! A few years ago I worked at the Fairview University Hospital in Minneapolis. I worked the overnights and drove the same way down 4th street. One night I saw a teenager on a corner and he was looking tired, weak, hungry and alone. It was so darn cold...close to zero outside. I stopped my car, rolled my window down and gave blanket, my dinner and all the money I had...about $40. He reminded me of my teenage son and it broke my heart to see him on the streets. I thought about this boy for days. The very next Friday night he was out on the street again. He waved to me and motioned for me to stop my car. He told me how much he appreciated my kindness and asked if he could give me a hug. I turned off my car and hugged this young man. We were both in tears when I left. I always wonder where he is and how things are going for him.

    On a lighter note...sorry you missed your new boyfriend:) Take care and Happy New Year!

  4. lol!!! still smilimg about the bank robber and bullets.... I loved Tanners essay... and i'm glad you gave him full credit!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just yesterday a homeless man approached us and said he was hungry. I told him to wait a second and went to the sandwich shop next door to get him a sandwich. Maybe I should have asked him what he wanted first because he did not look amused when I gave him food. I think he was hoping for money. Still, I hope he ate and maybe felt better about the world.
    Love Tanner's essay.

  6. Well, I do recommend that my single girlfriends look for a man at a homeless shelter. Perfect example!

  7. What a great post! Tell Tanner he did a great job!!!

  8. Such a thoughtful deed! :)

    Also, love the story about your boyfriend in waiting...

  9. Hobos love the waffle house! That is stinking hilarious.

  10. The way he ended it cracked me up, but it was so sweet! I like that idea!

    Sorry you lost your boyfriend.

  11. I just gave you The Stylish Blogger Award!
    Someone gave to me and I thought of you, come on over and check out the details!

  12. go Tanner. Transition words or not. :) funny. Love your fart stories. are you in-laws just very proper? I can't imagine not being able to fart and talk about it. :)


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