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Monday, November 1, 2010

Smell My Feet

 I love Halloween!!  So much fun.  However I was a scrooge this year and told the kids I would not buy costumes.  Back in the olden days we put together costumes.  Unless you had a brilliant mom like mom who would make the coolest stuff.
Actually Mom is mostly responsible for the kids' costumes even now.

 Saige was an artist.  Mom found her this smock at a thrift store and whipped her up the palette.

Tanner's main criteria in a costume is that he gets to wear underwear.  So he is Superman Interrupted While Changing.  It was a big hit.

I taught Pirate Tayte to say, "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum."  That entertained us most of the evening.  Gramma brought over this costume!

And Gramma paid a dollar for this hula skirt and leis.  Shaye was an adorable hula girl even though she spent most of her time trick or treating in her stroller.

Ty stayed at home to hand out candy.  He revealed later that he didn't give out any Butterfingers because he likes those.  Of course.

I hope you had a great time as well.  Leave me a comment if you posted your pics so we can check them out.  (I considered doing a linky, but it is late and I am hopped up on chocolate.)


  1. Kudos to you! YOu're right - we DID have to be creative "back in the day!" I remember one year, I was a [pudgy] ballerina in a leotard and a tutu from the dress-up box that was one of my sisters' from about 8 years prior (it was once white, but now a beige-yellow with faded pink satin trim) and I wore one of my mom's old wigs from my dress up box, too. Oh - and make-up. You bet I was ummm-pretty! I remember this only because it is forever captured by know, the white edged photo with the incriminating year typed on the side, so everyone knows how old you REALLY must be???

  2. I love the costumes. When my kids get older I am going to put a stop to buying the costumes too and see what they can come up with on their own with maybe a little of my crafty help. Costumes are expensive!

  3. I didn't post any pics...but I have to say that I love the artist costume! Your mom is very creative, because I would never had thought of that.

  4. All great costumes! I agree with you. I told my kids I wasn't buying any costumes (I did because I'm about as creative as a gum drop).
    So you taught the boy to say "yohoho and a bottle of rhum" but did someone actually bring out the could have come in handy!
    I think Ty had the right idea.
    Oh, and your little hulla girl! Who needs candy when you have an edible child like that! Too cute for words!


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