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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture - Contest

 What is wrong with this picture?  You will never guess.  
Let's make it a contest.  

First person to guess what is wrong with The Coach's picture will get a Starbucks gift card.
I'll give you some hints.

It is NOT that he is wearing white shorts after Labor Day.

It is NOT his fu man chu.  That is a lovely red and groomed to near perfection as always.
(I love a moustache.  Don't you?)

It is NOT his legs.  Aren't they nice?  I think so.  Sock tan goes with the territory.

It isn't his arms either.  It's perfection the way the freckles have run together to form a tan. 

So what do you think is unusual in this picture of The Coach??

I will take guesses until midnight Sunday.  First person who guesses wins.  If no one guesses  (And I would be very surprised if anyone did.)  I will choose a commenter at random. 

Give it your best shot!


  1. It looks like he's reading a sports magazine, so it can't be that.... perhaps that he's sitting in a rocking chair? or ignoring the baby that looks to be beside him?

  2. his shirt is on backwards? or is he sleeping sitting up?

  3. He is not wearing a hat?


  4. I say it's the bricks on the house! They look different.
    The baby toy sitting on the ground next to him?
    Do I get more than one guess? Am I close?

  5. I'm guessing that he's asleep...

  6. I'm going with the fact that he's asleep :p

  7. My first guess is that he is asleep.
    My second is that he is in a rocking chair reading.
    I didn't think of him without a hat but that is probably the best answer.

  8. I bet he's reading a girly magazine like Cosmo or Good Housekeeping...

  9. I don't know your family too well, but if that was the dad in our house it would be the reading. Dad doesn't really read. Unless he's on the potty.

  10. My guess is he's reading a magazine when he should have been doing yard work? Looks like an extension cord by the baby toy?

  11. I don't know but you're killing me here. I need to know!

  12. I am a new follower and I would love a follow back!!

  13. my guess is that he's not wearing sunglasses or possibly a hat?

  14. I know.......I know......I know...........It's quite unusual that I have a stalker taking pictures of me without me knowing..........CRAZY!!!!

  15. I think he's reading an "US" magazine...that's all I got.


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