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Monday, September 13, 2010

Play by Play

Beth over at Shut up and Run put up a minute by minute replay of her day.
I have nothing better to do, so I thought I would do the same. I wrote it on Friday, so this is a Friday. I guess it is pretty typical.

(Go ahead a get some coffee.)

Here is my recap of the day.
4:20am - Alarm goes off
4:30 - I am dressed and ready to run.
5:10 - Ran 3.75 miles with stray dog. Have to make a pit stop at home, When I get home I see Tayte is out of his bed playing with our dog. I give up on finishing the run, and put him back to bed.
5:15 - I shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Realize after I bite into the sandwich that scrambled egg in sandwich (idea I got here on Mom Thoughts) is still frozen. Yuck.
5:30 - Go in Ty's room to wake him up and I am scared to death by Tayte who is lurking on the recliner in Ty's room. I dry my hair. Get babies dressed, hand them breakfast to eat in the car. Load car, get coffee. Yell that I am leaving Ty in thirty seconds.
6:00 - Drop Ty off at weight room.
6:25 - Drop babies off at sitter's.
6:45 - Arrive at school.
7:00 - Teach 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 periods.
11:35 - Run with coworker to get lunch. Have to direct traffic in the parking lot. Get back as three students come to tutorials. One former student also comes in and I ask, "What do you need, babe?" He says, "Nothing I just wanted to visit you." I said, "I don't want visitors right now." He thought I was kidding . I wasn't. He hangs out for the rest of lunch. Argh.
12:25 - Teach 5th period.
1:15 - Slump defeated onto my desk. Fifth period is exhausting!!!! Rally and plan lessons for next week, put plans on board. Pack up bag of weekend grading. Forget to pick up important papers from the printer.
2:30 - Leave work. (Usually I would get a swim in on Mondays and Fridays, but swim coach is out of town. Pool closed.)
2:45 - Rush in grocery store for turkey bacon and bread.
3:10 - Pick up babies from sitter.
3: 45 - Arrive home. Put up groceries. Feed baby a snack. Sit down at computer.
3:50 - The Coach and Ty get home. Get up to see if they need anything.
4:10 - Kind Aunt drops Saigie off at home.
4: 15 - Ty begs/demands to be taken back to school to watch tennis with his buddies. I load Shaye Baby and we go take him back to school.
4:40 - Return from taking Ty and unload Shaye.
4:45 - Sit back down at computer
4:47 - Ty calls and begs/demands to be picked up.
4:50 - Load Shaye back into car. Leave to get Ty
5:10 - Get Ty. Head to Tanner's school for pick up. His practice still hasn't let out. We sit and wait. And wait.
5:35 - Tanner finally gets into car carrying with him a stench only a twelve year old can produce. I try not to gag. We leave to go pick up friends I agreed to let spend the night with Ty.
5:40-6:00 - We drive aimlessly until Ty recognizes friend's house. Pick up other friends. Boys decide we need to stop and buy bbs for pellet gun. I drop Ty in front of sporting good store. Ty comes back empty handed. He can't purchase the bbs until he is 18. Who knew? I run in to buy bbs.
6:30 - Back home I start dinner. Two pounds of bacon and more than a half dozen ham, cream cheese and fruit french toast sandwiches.
7:00 - Ty and his friends start eating.
7:05 - All food has disappeared. I clean half the kitchen and give up.
7:30 - I quietly sneak to the computer room.
7:35 - The Coach and the babies come in. The Coach plays the guitar and we laugh as the babies and Saigie dance.
8:00 - I put Shaye to bed and The Coach puts Tayte to bed. The Coach sets up Wii for Ty and friends. I try to fake an interest in college football while I dream of blogging alone.
9:00 - Ty and friends come down. They are starving.
9:30 - I leave to go check on Tanner at new friends house and pick up a pizza since no place delivers out here. Tanner left drenched with sweat football sock in car. I try not to gag. Lady in parking lot of pizza place asks me for directions. I sure hope she is not lost s a result. Come back home. Pizza is devoured within five minutes.
9:45 - I finally sit down with a cup of coffee at the computer.
10:30 - I am done typing this post and wonder how many people will slip of into a coma while they read it. I also think it is no wonder I often have a headache. I also wonder if I need to be committed.
10:35 - The Coach starts sending me suggestive texts from the living room where he is still watching college football.
10:45 - It is so passed time for me to go to bed knowing babies will be up at 5am even though it is Saturday.
11:00 - The Coach comes in and I am already asleep. Sorry.

Update - The babies managed to sleep until 6:45. At which time The Coach got up with them and let me sleep until 9:00. Unheard of. I owe him one.


  1. I'm exhausted for you. Whew! Glad you got to sleep in Saturday. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! :o)
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. Wow. That makes me want to go back to bed!

  3. Holy.....makes my day seem lazy!

  4. Wow, school is early for you. Our junior high and high school start at nine and our elementary starts at 7:45. And I complain about that.

    Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your dedication to exercise and running. I am lazy.

  5. I can't believe you get up that early to run! And your day wore me out!
    You're my hero!!!

  6. You are amazing, Heather! Amazing! You are the most productive person I know.

    I'm exhausted just reading about your day!

    You should be proud of yourself. :)

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! What a day! I can't even imagine. You are honestly super mom! And what!? You get up at 4:20!?!? I'm beyond impressed.

  8. Wow, what a day! I don't look forward to having teenage boys or really teenagers of any type. :P

  9. Hi, I am a newish follower and had to try my own play-by-play today after reading yours. :-) My day doesn't seem nearly as productive! lol


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