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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Spider Story

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but isn't it cute?

Shaye Puppy.

The kids are starting to talk about Halloween Costumes again. It reminded me of this story.

Last year Saige was thumbing through one of Gramma's magazines when she came across an ad featuring a magician. She then HAD to be a magician for Halloween. The ad was for feminine products but I figured, "Whatev."

My mom whipped her up this adorable costume.

She loved it!
She was just so excited for Halloween to get here.

Finally it was the big day. She was going for a hay ride with some friends while The Coach and I got everything situated. We were going to meet up with her and her group of friends. But first I had to get the babies dressed and The Coach had to place his beers in the stroller.

(He doesn't drink much, but he looks forward to his Halloween drink and stroll!)

We caught up with Saige as she was leaving some one's house. She came up to me and said shyly that kids were telling her there was a spider on her. She was embarrassed and didn't know what they were talking about so to get them to hush she told them it was part of her costume.

I started looking at her to see if I saw a little spider.

Now let me first tell you. I am scared of spiders. When I was growing up I would make my brother come kill them for me. (KILL THEM...not wash them down the drain so they can sneak up on me while I am showering.) I try to downplay the fear because otherwise the boys will take every opportunity to bring spiders to me. I know this. I have brothers.

So I looked on her hat and lapels and I saw the spider. A HUGE SPIDER! It was eating a Snickers it had stolen from some other kid. It was one of those hairy ones that you see on Animal Planet devouring a gazelle or something.

It was on her shoulder and it took up her whole shoulder. I wish I had the wherewith all to photograph it, but I was busy trying not to have a heart attack.

(I may not be able to sleep tonight just looking on Google for a picture.)

This monster was on my girl!

I immediately turned her head away from it and held it there. I was afraid that it would either bite her on the face, or she would see it and freak out and run into the street and get hit by a car.
I knew The Coach would be no help as he is more scared of spiders than I am.
In a panic as I was holding her head I pleaded with one of the dads standing next to us. I was tyring to use a calm voice for Saigie's sake.

"Please get that off of her. Please get it off. Get it off of her. Please help."

The man was confused and started to remove Saigie's hat.

"NO." I said. "THAT!"

The man let out a half scream of his own and used his ball cap to scoop it off and throw it in the street where it took three other grown men to disarm it and stomp it to death.

The Coach saw the commotion from the street and asked me what that was all about. I told him. He said, "I am glad I didn't see it."  He also didn't sleep that night.

I have NEVER seen such a huge spider just out and about. I assume it came from the hay in the hay ride.
Saigie was a trooper went on with her trick or treating.

Tayte is not excited about this picture as he is digging for a lollipop.

What are your Halloween adventures?

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  2. First off - your mom made that costume? That's amazing!
    Second - eeeek!
    Third - I have a halloween party every year, so just insert anything random a drunk would do in a gorilla costume and you get an idea of my adventures.

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  5. No no no NO!! Not cool!!! I feel itchy just thinking about a spider being on me...

    And I'm not an animal person but I would totally get a dog if it looked like Shaye Puppy!

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  7. Ewww, thinking about that gives we the shivers. I wouldn't have slept either.

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  9. Your mother did a wonderful job on this costume - Saige looks adorable! I guess everyone is afraid of spiders - except me. I'm lookding forward to Halloween and getting costumes together too - but where did this year go????

  10. EEEK! I'm not sure I am ever ready for a spider story! I am soooo creeped out! So glad Saige wasn't freaked, cuz I would have been hyperventilating and possibly screaming. Just a little...

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  11. Yuck! I posted about spiders today too... crazy. Your spider story definitely has mine beat though. Let me reiterate... yuck!!

  12. Eek. I have the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

    And how cute was she as a magician. What a great costume!

  13. The kids are adorable. I would have freaked out if that thing was on one of my girls!EEwww! Now, Iw on;t be able to sleep:)I am your newest follower from FMBT! Hope you can return the favor. I am also giving away a Senseo coffee maker in celebration of my birthday, all you have to do is follow and leave a comment on the post about the giveaway to be entered!

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