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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got Eggs?

I was making Molten chocolate cupcakes for my kids the other night.  Not out of the kindness of my heart, but because that was the bribe for Forced Family Fun.  (The title of which should now be changed to Bribed Family Fun because I usually end up having to bribe at least one kid.  And at least one kid is always VERY EAGER to go on a walk with me to avoid homework.  I digress.  As usual.)

Right when I started the endeavor I realized I was out of eggs.  It takes an entire DOZEN eggs to feed my kids breakfast for dinner.  What?  So I asked Saigie and Tanner to go to Ms. Tiffany's house for an egg.  I know her because I work with her and we both happened to move to the same new neighborhood at the same time. 

About fifteen minutes later I was wondering if my kids had been swallowed up by the night, or the mosquitos that still plague us.  I was just leaving to search when Saigie came walking up with four eggs. 

It turns out Ms. Tiffany didn't have any eggs.  So the kids went wandering around the neighborhood at 8:00 pm begging for food asking to borrow an egg.  I know a few families out here.  The kids have made a few friends.  The Coach knows several coaches who live here.  The Coach's sister lives here.  I was embarassed they had bothered people, but not near as embarassed as I was when I realized they had gone to the neighbor's house. 

I have not met the neighbors.  Because I haven't SEEN them.  We have lived here two months.  Rumor is there is a grandma, mom and dad, an eleven year old son, and a newborn living in the house next door to me.  You know that if I had seen them I would have run over out of desperation for adult contact and talked to them incessantly introduced myself. Just like I did when I leaped out of my car to meet the running lady.  But they are stealth.  Maybe they are vampires and only come out at night.  I don't know. 

So my daughter wandered over to the neighbor's house and asked for an egg.  She said that he seemed concerned, but the she explained who she was.  Apparently this freak show was amplified because when he closed the door to fetch the egg Tanner who had been hitting up a different neighbor (one we know) for eggs joined Saigie on the stranger's porch and then proceeded to but her in a choke hold.  When the neighbor we haven't met opened the door back up Tanner said to him, "Give me the egg and no one gets hurt."  (This is what qualifies as humor in Tanner's mind.)

So .....the neighbors are going to think we are crazy.  That is not ususual, but I do like for them to at least get to know us first. 


  1. lol... aww.... i think it was so cute they did that... and for the record i read molten cupcakes and i started to salivate...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you have to post that recipe.....

  2. That is a great story! I needed a laugh today!

  3. What a great story! Practicing for Halloween?
    Now you are going to be the talk of the neighborhood. :)

  4. HAHAHAHA!!! This was the funniest thing I've read today! I love those kids of yours!

  5. haha this had me on the floor laughing.

    How embarrassing :p xxx

  6. LOL! Thanks for the giggle! :o)

  7. Haha! Oh I think they're getting to know you all right!

  8. You had me at molten cupcakes....

    Seriously - I love your family. You are my kinda people. :) Crazy loves company!

  9. Oh heather. I. Love. This.
    This is a classic.
    Ummmm, I'd kinda like one of those cupcakes though.

  10. Love it! I met some of my neighbors by asking to have an egg because I was short for a recipe. We are great friends now.

    I don't know what I'll do to celebrate when I hit my mileage goal this year...probably get a good night a sleep.

  11. I totally lost it at the point where he had her in a choke hold and threw that perfect punchline when the guy opened the door... that is just CLASSIC!

    Please tell me this goes in the baby book? :)


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