So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know you have been stuck to your computer waiting breathlessly for the pictures of my colorful house I promised. Well wait no more. Here they are. I had to get up before all the kids to take pictures of a clean house. Look quickly.

First though here is a picture of my colorful cat, Grizelda. We have been missing her while she stayed with my brother and his wife.

She really shouldn't be on the counter, and I tried to tell her that, but she seems to have more important things on her mind.

Ok. Moving on.

Here is the peach kitchen. I love that chair, but this picture makes me realize that pillow is too red.

Speaking of too red......Here is the entryway. I wish someone had told me before I hired the painters about tinted primer. It took SEVEN gallons of red paint to cover the entryway.

You can also see thedark blue living room and light blue dining room - where incidentally no kid is living. Woo hoo.

I added this picture because from this angle you can see all four colors at the same time.

Now I just have to work on bringing some red into the blue rooms and blue into the peach room and on and on and on. It is a work in progress. Right now I have to stop working on this part of the house and clear a path in my room from the door to the bed. That is where I have thrown all the boxes I don't feel like dealing with.
Any suggestions?
Can you believe it is time to head back to work on Monday? I can't!
Thanks for stopping by to see the house!


  1. It's beautiful!!! And I love your kitchen table!!!

  2. I like the bench seats around the kitchen table! My house has white walls in everyroom except my bedroom (which is sage green). Can you tell I have a very CONSERVATIVE husband?
    Wow. You pack a colour punch for sure. :)

  3. Wow... I love it It looks GREAT!!!!! I am a color convert... when hubby and i moved to this house i promised no more white white walls....!! Dont you just love it??

  4. I love it! I love all the colors & your wood floor! Thanks for sharing!


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