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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Advice Needed

Ok. I need advice on two matters.

1. Next week I am having a procedure done. Rapid Immuno Therapy. I have been keeping the fact that I am a total freak from ya'll. I have allrgies. Terrible allergies that cause chronic sinus infections all the time. (I guess that redundant a little bit, but I wanted to make sure you got the idea.) My family calls me, "Snotdrop." They have since I was little. I often have a hard time breathing. I take a million medications - they do not help. I have tried allergy shots repeatedly, but I have to start over every time I get pregnant.

I am allergic to every -
In Texas- all year round.
As well as
cockroach poop
dust mites
dogs (Yes I do have a cat and a dog. When you are allergic to everything it really doesn't matter.)
As if that is not enough I am also allergic to
hazelnuts - deathly allergic to these
And......the kicker
latex of any kind.
(Yes. Go ahead. Make the appropriate jokes.)

When they did the test I was allergic to the marker they used to write on my back.

Have any of you ever had Rapid Immuno Therapy? How did it go? Did it work. Would you suggest it? Can you tell me anything?


2. I just signed up for an Olympic length triathlon in September. Can you give me ANY advice? Nutrition? Speed? Training? The Swim? Fashion? I have been following a training plan, but it is pretty basic and I could use help. I checked out the results from last year's race AFTER I paid the 115.00 entry fee and realized I will probably come in dead last in my age group. Lovely. Actually I can live with that (if I have to.) I just want to be sure to finish and walk back to my car.

So feel free to instruct me. I am ready. And if you have noticed any other areas of my life that need help, feel free to let fly on those fronts as well. (Unless it is my spelling. I know I don't type well all the time. It isn't always easy to type holding one baby and having the other one administer a shot to me with an allen wrench.)


  1. Dealing with all those allergies must be so tough. I hope the immunotherapy does the trick!

    WTG on signing up for the tri--very impressive!

  2. No advice...and I haven't heard of the rapid immuno therapy! I pray it works for you, I know how miserable the trouble breathing can be!

  3. I am sorry to hear this. No one in our family has allergies that I am aware of. Good luck with the therapy.

  4. Sorry, no advice here either but wanted to tell you good luck with the immuno therapy, I hope it helps. I'm sorry to hear you are allergic to so many things... especially cockroach poop, that one must be really rough to go without ;)

    Great job signing up for the tri, I'm sure you'l do great! Oh, and I realize it was your last post, but I love the pictures of your house... great colors!

  5. I hope the rapid immuno therapy works for you.

  6. I tested allergic to all but 2 of the items they tested me for so I totally relate! And yes I had (I think) what you're talking about although mine was called RAD - Rapid Allergy Desensitization. I don't seem to have gotten great results from my allergy shots. Many people do though so don't be frustrated by my story. I made it through all but the last two sets of injections. At that point my mouth started to itch so they quit giving me shots. It's a GREAT way to speed up whatever benefit you're going to get from Allergy shots. Holler if you want more details! And take a GOOD book or laptop with you!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I hope the procedure goes well. I have no advice. ADP gets immunotherapy and that is the limit of my experience beyond zyrtec. I can't wait to read about your tri experience.


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