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Monday, August 2, 2010


So what with unpacking the kitchen and escaping the smell of paints fumes I haven't had much time to actually unpack my own stuff. (I missed you shoes.)

When I got home the other day sweet The Coach had unpacked my clothes and hung them up neatly in the closet for me.
Here are my shirts. (I am sorry I had to pack you away leopard print blouse.)
Here are the pants.

He even lined them up by color. What an idea. I usually line them up from skinniest to heaviest so I when I am having a "queso" day I don't have to make myself mad finding a roomy pair.

He did such a good job. Can you guess what I had to change immediately? I am NOT OCD. So, what do you think it was?

I couldn't live in a world where pants were hung on top of shirts. It gave me headache. The pants have to go below the shirts in my world. I am going to see if I don't have a nervous breakdown leaving my shoes on this shelf.

Here is an improvement that I will hang on to though. Ha. Pun intended. He hung up my camis. Great improvement. I just usually throw them into a drawer with various other undergarments which means I can't find anything when I want to wear it. Good job.
One day I will have to photograph his side of the closet. It is a lesson in OCD.


  1. I totally agree on tops going above pants...and I can't imagine anyone organizing my closet for me--you're a lucky girl!

  2. Who knew the coach had it in him...good job Coach!

  3. LOL! I can't have anything on the top rack because I can't reach that high. :o) Following you back and looking forward to your posts. Happy Tuesday!


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