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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rats, Foiled Again

Ever feel like your workouts are doomed from the beginning?

I got that message loud and clear the other day. I had some down time in the morning because of a slight child care adjustment. I decided to take them with me to the gym since I wouldn't have the luxury of a sitter after work.

My plan was to swim, cycle, then lift. My swim and cycle sets were to be short since this is my rest week. I swam for seven minutes. Ok. I didn't exactly bank on taking it THAT easy, but after swimming about 300 yards a very nice (young, skinny, pretty and tan) lifeguard told me I had to get out on accuont of swim lesson were beginning. I thought it was just a small hurdle because I would just flit on over to the indoor pool and deal with swimming laps in the shortest pool in the world. No dice. Water jogging was going on there. I really wanted to stick around because the people jogging looked like fun and I could be the young person among them instead of the old person like I usually am. There was no lane reserved for swimming though.

I gave up on swimming and went to dry off for cycling. No socks. Argh. I cannot stand the feel of shoes with no socks, but I convinced myself it was a short 40 minute ride and I could deal. So I went and got on the stationary bikes which have programs with t.v. screens acting as scenery. I tried THREE of them and couldn't get any to work. One had broken rat traps, two had broken buttons so they couldn't even be started. ARGH. I noticed a spin class was getting ready to begin so I hopped on a spin bike, sockless with no water. I had eaten up all my time trying to fix those darn stationary bikes so I had to leave the class early. How embarassing. Everyone looked at me like I just couldn't hack it. I can hack it, I'll have you know. (I can hack it because I have learned to the secret to spinning - lessen the tension when no one is looking.)

After that I did go lift weights and at the odd hour I was there it wasn't too crowded. I really don't enjoy going when the gym is full of those buff guys who feel the need to grunt loudly and drop their huge weights to the floor from shoulder height. What is WITH those guys?

I know I probably need readjust my current attitude about working out since all this caused me to hyperventilate. Usually I tell myself, "If a crowded pool is the worst thing you have to deal with today you are pretty lucky." But instead I just couldn't shake being monumentally annoyed. This means I am getting overly obsessed with my training, speed work, and weight. That is really not like me because I am generally laid back.

What do you think the best cure for this obsession is? Should I take a couple of days off? Should I eat a dozen donuts? Should I go blow my diet on queso and margaritas with my best friend P$. (P$ are you reading this??) Really I am asking you. Any thoughts?

Update: The doctor says something bit Tayte's hand. Spider, bee - we don't know. He is taking steroids, and allergy meds. I am sure he will be fine soon. The lack of sleep seemed to affect him more than anything else. Thanks for your concern.

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  1. Glad to hear his hand will be ok! My sister had a nasty spider bite once, when we went to the ER the doctor was like "eh, no biggie" I think discounts should be given out when you get answers like that!

    Anyway, calories don't count on the weekend..and it's a holiday weekend. SO I say, go with the queso and margs!


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