So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boredom Overtook Them.......

...And they began to play.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Tan Man and Saigie each would notice the other could be available for a few hours of fun. Ok. Minutes. (In the kids' defense it was Africa Hot that day.)

Tanner did a pretty good job. I think he could almost escape from the scene of a crime wearing these.

Saige deemed the whole process dangerous and donned a helmet. After I watched her try to put the shoes on I knew why. Please don't attempt to adjust your monitor. The colors in her outfit are really that garish. I gave up asking exactly what motivated her to wear that as an ensemble.

Finally it was my turn. I had waited quite patiently. Ok. I made that up. I took them off Saigie while she down and I ran with them. I only include these photos because some people in my family have cried foul at the fact that I am willing to publically humiliate everyone except me.

The truth is I have always wanted to get the kids a pair of these. The Coach has always objected. I think he overheard my plan to get on Letterman by perfecting a back flip on a pogo stick and figured this could end in a trip to the ER.

Here is Tanner on his second attempt.

There was a video Tanner insisted on making of me running in the moon shoes. He was running behind me. He called it a "Chase Scene." I really quite humorous, but I can't get the thingie to work. Darn?

So have you been passing the hot days of summer?


  1. I've been hiding out inside where it's cool and calm and safe ... which might not be as much fun as running around town on moon shoes but it's significantly less likely to end with a trip to the ER! Or Letterman!

  2. Those things are hilarious and I LOVE that you put them on!!!

  3. You are a woman of bravery! I would have been on the ground in seconds flat with the very least, a broken ankle.

    I've been in those moon shoes and they are tough to even stand in.

    I'm just getting back from vacation and I'm wandering through blogland saying hello to all my friends. It's good to be back.

  4. I think it looks like fun. There should have been video tho. That would have been special.

  5. Wow! Fun! My kids are into rip sticks right now. I would not even come close to attempting that....I can't afford to break my leg! Yikes!

  6. I love that you are checking out new playgrounds too. Never know what you'll find!

  7. Following from Tuesday Tag Along - hope you'll stop by too!

  8. That looks like fun! My 14 yr old godson would love those! Me, ehhhh, I'm sure I would fall and bust not only my butt but probably my whole backside. BTW, I got my giftcard yesterday..Thanks!!

  9. Love your blog design! I'm a new FMBT follower.


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