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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I like Father's Day.
I like it because of The Coach. It is the anniversary of our first date.

The Coach and I met during the summer at a steak resturant. I was a server trainer and he was working there during the summer after his first year teaching in Texas.

When I first met him I liked him because I always like red heads. He was cocky. To counteract this I took points off of all his server tests for the most minute little details. It made him mad that he didn't get 100. It made me giggle.

I digress.

After a couple of weeks of this we got put together in the smoking section. I was behind the bar, and he was the server. We were both working a double on Father's Day. We ended up chit chatting about baseball, and teaching. We got around to the fact I was divorced.

When the shifts change we both got moved to the same section and were scheduled to be cut at the same time. During this time I had been hanging around a bad crowd at the resturant. They partied too much and drank constantly. I knew I had to get away from that. That night my kids were with their dad and I was lonely. The Coach was much younger than me and I hadn't seen him hang with those people so I figured he was safe. Since we were getting off at the same time I asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat. He did.

We went to his apartment so he could change and he asked me if I wanted to ride his room mate's motorcycle to eat. After assuring me he didn't drink I said yes. So we got on the bike and rode around Houston. It was so much fun. We went to Chili's and had lemonade and fajitas. Then we rode around some more.

I liked him. I loved his hair. It was red and wavy. He had red sideburns and a red moustache. So cool. He seemed like fun.

The next day he walked in to work while I was already at the bar and as he passed his said, "Do it again tonight?"
"Yes!" I said.

I wish I could say after that we knew we were made for each other and spent the next years in dating bliss. But that isn't what happened. :) I'll leave those stories for another time.

But I will say that if you fast forward four years The Coach proposed to me in the sweetest way and then we got married.
There are not many 30 year old men out there who would marry a woman with three kids. That is not an easy job. But he did it and continues to do it. The Coach participates in every part of those kids' lives. He helps them with homework and attends open houses at school. He goes to hear their band concerts. He not only shows up to watch all their various sporting events he has volunteered to coach them as well. He constantly teaches my boys ways to be men.
So yes, he is a great dad to Tayte and Shaye Baby. But he also a great step dad to Ty, Tan Man and Saigie. I can't say which is the harder job for him, but I am sure that at times I take for granted all the things he does for my kids. I am sure at time he just doesn't get the credit he deserves.

So I want to say, "Thanks Babe." I couldn't do it without you.


  1. You are both lucky to have each other. What a great memory to share! I laughed about you docking points off the server test--- My hubby and I are both speech paths and went to school together (after marriage)-- so we were in the same classes most of the time-- I would always score at least 2 point higher than him on every exam-- hubby would get so aggravated-- of course, I rubbed it in-- and the professors found it very funny-- I think they kept it going half the time-- but I am the smartest! ;o)

  2. I'm following you with my nonbookish blog self as well-- so I can read your blog from both of my accounts-- So I'm not stalking you and and I don't have a split personality disorder! ;o)


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