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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye House

We are moving this summer and I am filled with mixed emotions. I am very excited and scared. We are moving further out of town and into a house where everyone will be living in an actual bedroom, even if the girls will still share.

It is hard though to let go of THIS house. These empty rooms scare me a little bit. This is the first house I ever owned. I have lived here eleven years. I brought three of my children home from the hospital to this house. Birthday parties have been hosted here. There are scars on the wall from my pms phone throwing rage. There are permanent gravy, and spaghetti sauce stains on the paint behind Tanner's place at the table. I was single here and trying to struggle through. Mike and I dated here. He recalled yesterday us when we were dating sitting on the floor of the dining room with no furniture during August, when my electricity had been cut off. So all the times weren't great, but they are our memories. They are the times that make a home.

It is hard to remember this house is just made of wood and brick and paint. The house is not what has kept my kids healthy and safe. The house itself didn't prevent break ins, fires, or injuries.
The house we are moving to will also be a home. Wherever I walk in the door to the kids stepping on my feet and The Coach asking about dinner is home.

The new house will be great. There will be room for the kids to have friends over. It will be nice for Mike because my ex will never haved lived there, so people will always think of it as "ours", and not as "mine."

So these empty rooms scare me. I don't do well with change, but it is time to move on. Move on to a new home, new schools, new neighbors, new memories and new traditions.

(Well it isn't QUITE time, the new house won't be done for another month. We will be staying with Sweet Aunt and Kind Uncle.)


  1. How exciting to be moving. I know it's a bit scary too, but soon you will be in a beautiful new home making lots of wonderful new memories. I'm excited for you! :)

  2. Congratulations on the move.

    I understand. I cried when I left my old house. My girls were babies there. My littlest came home for the very first time to that house. It was the last place my dad came to drink wine and share our company.

    What made it even worse was the people who bought our old house were horrible people. They abused my old home and then walked away from it in the middle of the night. I believe in good karma for a home. We'd bought the home from the original owner who had 4 daughters. We moved in and had 3 girls there and it was always a place of happiness and light.

    I was so thrilled the other day when my mom called to tell me, a family friend noticed our name on the deed when they were buying the house. My old home will be loved again and I am grateful.

  3. it must be difficult but you're moving on to bigger and better things & you and "the coach" can finally share a home that is both of yours and make new memories :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how sad it is to move from a place of memories.... Hugs and love...I can't wait to see pix of the new house!!

  5. I feel you, thats how I was when we moved out of our apartment almost a year ago into our house. As awful as our apartment was my hubs and I had a lot of memories

  6. I'm not good at change either. Go ahead and have a good cry. Then say goodbye. And move on! Hugs!

  7. This is one area where I actually don't have trouble. I LOVE moving! The exploring and discovering is so much fun for me!

  8. We packed up and left the farm we had made a family on... to move to Kansas...and it was scary... and I think back to the farm....and I miss things about it..

    But ... tomorrow holds the future.. and frankly.. I'm looking forward to being able to grasp on to the future.. and pull with all my might..

    you will be fine... and the memories will stay.. even if you leave the ole house behind!

  9. Good luck with your move. It's so hard to let go.

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. It is easy to get attached to a house--wood and all:)
    My daughter and family are moving 2 hrs. from here, so while her husband is remodeling the house she and the 2 kids are living here with us. It has been a month so far, and maybe 2 more weeks till they are ready to move in. It has been fun, and pretty lively around here. I sleep well at night!!


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