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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tan Man Makes a Sandwich

I am linking up with Twee Poppets and Boobies, Babies, & a Blog today to bring you the story of Tan Man.

This is Tan Man.

If I had to pick one word to describe Tan Man it would be entertaining.

This kid is seriously funny. Not only can he do impersonations and accents. He has a mind like a steel trap. He never forgets a funny quip and can whip them out at precisely the right moment. Keep this picture and look for him on late night tv in the distant future.

Here is an example of this kid's antics on a daily basis.

A few years back we had the rule that since Saigie couldn't reach the counter the brothers took turns making her lunch as part of their chores. The Coach came and got me one evening laughing. We snuck quietly into the kitchen to watch Tan Man. ( He was probably 7 at the time.)He singing and dancing to his very own, very white version of Michael Jackson.

While we was boogieing down he was making two ham sandwiches. He picked up a piece of ham and laid it on his bread, then he picked up another. He held it up in front of his face and LICKED THE ENTIRE THING. Next he slapped it down on his sister's sandwich. I couldn't contain my covertness any longer and burst out with something like, "Tanner what in the Sam Hill are you doing?" He looked at us unabashedly and said, "It's a good practical joke."

It turned out Saigie had been eating pre-licked sandwiches about every other day that year.

I guess he's "Got To Be Starting Something". (I couldn't resist.)

Do you have an entertaining person in your life. One who almost never fails to make you laugh? Tell me about them.

P.S. This is Tayte. He does not do impersonations, but he does like to copy his big brothers and sister.

I am also including this post on True Story Tuesday at Once Upon a Miracle because it IS a true story.

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  1. That is a great story!:) Gave me a good laugh and I could actually picture it!
    All my kids are funny that way--just too many stories to choose right now...but the licking thing reminded me of our youngest Kinsey, when she was about 3 or 4 yrs. old, decorating cut- out Christmas cookies; after she would get it frosted we suddenly noticed that she would lick the top of her frosted cookie and then place it in the container with all the rest of the newly frosted cookies!!
    We had no idea how many she had done before we caught her. My oldest son, Boyd, was in high school then, and absolutely refused to eat ANY of the cookies he suspected she had frosted! That had to be hard as sugar cookies were his favorite:)

  2. thanks for stopping by bassgiraffe's thoughts on TTA

    love the name of your blog.

  3. So adorable! he is a trip- he found a way to help and enjoy himself, such a talent :)- my babes keep me laughing. Popped in from twee poppets ,although I didn't actually link up this week, I know, I am lame or lazy or, following you!

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  5. Lol! Love the pictures! I bet you all have a lot of fun in your house with Tan Man! :)

    Thanks for following me for FMBT! I'm following you back now! Have a great day!


  6. Gross! I could see one of my boys doing that, though. Probably my oldest. He's like that. LOL

  7. So cute! Droppin in from TTA to say hi :) Already a follower :)

  8. Your ideas on my blog were so helpful and I have started it already- I will post before and after.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    This boy sounds like a blast...and just like something my son woul ddo(except he is an only child....THANK GOD!)
    Loved the story :O)

  10. Hi, I'm from TTA thanks for the follow. Following you back. :)

  11. Okay, he is a hoot, and so is this blog. I need to go read your previous post!

  12. What a funny kid! Don't they just keep you in stitches? Found you through TST though I am also on the TTA hop this week. :)

    Now following.

  13. HA! That made me think back to when I was growing up with an older sister and brother. In order to get the food we wanted before the other sibs did, we would breathe all over it, insuring our cooties would cover said food. Always worked!

    I like your guys.

    Following from FMBT! Happy Tuesday!

  14. I am laughing so hard! That was such a great story! Happy Tuesday Tag-A-Long! New Follower

  15. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! My 4yo's sense of humor is very similar to my husband''s frightening! (they're both jokesters).
    Stopping by from Tagalong Tuesday. I love your blog!

  16. Funny to read, but gross if it happens to me :) Great story to share - thanks!

  17. He sounds like a real character!! My 4 yo is a lot like that - cute and trouble!

  18. stopping by from TTA to say hi- your kids are awesome

  19. Oh no, that poor little sister! A practical joke, huh? Haha... ;)

  20. LOVE the boys rockin the 'stash!!

    Already following but wanted to say thanks for linking up to Follow Me Back Tuesday!

  21. Hi Im here from Follow Me Back Tuesday!

  22. Following you back from TAT. So glad you stopped by for a Latte'. Your kids are really cute. PS I like shoes too!!!

  23. oh my gosh.....boys will be boys. To funny. Thanks for stopping in to visit my blog.

  24. Oh My Lord! The dancing would have had me rolling on the floor... but the licking part really took the cake (err... took the ham?)

    Poor little sister! Some things are just better not to know, huh?

    Thanks for linking up - I giggled like mad!

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  26. This is the funnies thing, I laughed out loud imagining the "white boy" dance and ham lick happening at the same time!

    Too funny!

  27. Hhaha too cute!!Stopping by from Follow Back Tuesday to say hi. Following you now :) Cute place you got here :)

  28. hehe. I just have to laugh at the mustache :)


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