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Monday, May 17, 2010

9 More Days

I like my job. It is a good job. The kids are nice 95% of the time. I have a good schedule. I am off on the same days my kids are. Then there is summer. Ahhhhh, Summer. Sweet, Sweet, Summer. As Summer is only 9 days away I thought I would list some of the things I DON"T miss about my students during the summer.

1. My favorite question - "Are we doing anything today?" Well, the activities for each day this week are clearly listed on the board in an assortment of colors. (Variation of the question - "Did we do anything important while I was absent?" No, we were waiting for you to return.)

2. The Buuuuuut It's Friiiiiidaaaaayy- Whine. Yes. It is Friday. On Friday you have to work. Saturday you can do whatever you want.

3. The end of the semester shuffle. Kid who have not cared one iota about their grade all semester long are suddenly wanting to know what they can do to pass. Answer: "Build a time machine. Go back in time and do some work." I don't mean to be heartless, but by the eleventh grade I would think they would have more of an understanding of how this works.

4. The following claim: "I was not texting, I was just seeing what time it is." Time will pass, you may not. Give me the darn phone and get to work.

5. And my favorite......replying to a simple answer/statement with annoying things I didn't ask you.

Example 1
Student: May I go get a drink.

Me : No

Student: The water fountain is right around the corner

(Yes. I know where the water fountain is. I have worked here for seven years.)

Example 2
Me: Please go sit down.

Student: I am asking her if she has any lotion.

(I do not care WHY you are out of your seat. I just want you to sit DOWN.)

Really the kids are very nice and I know they are just doing the same thing we did when we were kids, but I am just as eager for summer as they are.

AND........NO. I do not want to be their friend on Facebook. I have real friends. For some reason this never ceases to amaze them. They think I stay the pencil sharpener.

(Don't let this post fool you. Yes I AM teaching summer school.)


  1. LOL! Very funny post! I was going to be a teacher at one time...then I just decided to have a pile of kids... oddly enough many of the questions are the same! LOL! I have an award for you...sorry it has taken me so long to visit back...I am following you now...I have had the life from hell lately...

  2. Funny stuff!
    I get to take applications from welders all day. You would not believe the dumb questions I get asked. My favorite is "What do you all do here anyways?".

  3. You had me at $5 hooker is my favorite saying, but seriously- one look at your blog and I am an instant fan! You are so funny:) Now I gotta go and read some's like you're in my head..

  4. HA HA HA!!! :) My sister teaches high school and I never get sick of the stories! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

    I'll be back.

  5. Thank you for stopping by for Friday Follow. Your blog is fun to read. I am now a follower! :)

  6. You are so funny! I do remember those questions from when I was in school so I guess they're timeless. I love this post!

    Facebook friends with, no, no.

  7. I don't let my kids Facebook. Your knowing where the water fountain is cracked me up - I can imagine the look in their eyes when you said that.

  8. 9 more days? Is that seriously all there is left of the school year? Wow.

    In my girls' high school, if your cell phone is even visible, it gets confiscated. I think that's so great for teachers. I was in the office the other day, picking up a girl for a dentist appointment and it was like rush hour for cell phone offenders.

    When my girls were little, they really did think their teachers lived at the school. How sad for teachers.

    And my daughter's favorite teacher, her film production teacher, had a policy that he would not accept any friend requests until his students graduated. A group of film kids friend requested him minutes after they graduated.

    Congratulations on so few days left.

  9. I love hearing a teachers perspective. My daughter is hitting high school next year and in a strange way I think this is hitting me harder than her first day of school.

  10. My son will be in high school too next year. Luckily The Coach works there.

  11. Ha, this is funny! Brings back the days when I taught! I heard it all too, even in Kindergarten.


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