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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Sass

I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was hectic. My favorite part was going to the grocery store every single day! Genius.

Tomorrow I will be participating in Iron Babe Super Sprint Triathlon at Lake Houston. My goal time is 55.00. Super Sprint means the race is shorter...not that I am going to go faster. Although I do have a new plan for this race. I am going to ALL OUT on the swim. I am a decent swimmer and I figure if I get out ahead by a couple of minutes the race will be too short for the medium fast runners to catch me. (The super fast runners are going to kick my booty no matter how I swim.)

Speaking of swimming, I thought I was kicking butt at swimming lately. I was fast. I was strong. I thought I was Michael Phelps. I was swimming in a pool that is seven &@#$!! yards shorter than I thought it was. ARGH. So......I guess I haven't been doing quite enough yardage.

My dad is making ceviche for the Mother's Day get together at his house Sunday. Today I had the following conversation with Mom.

Mom: Your daddy is crazy.
Me: Yes? And?
Mom: He laid out some trout to make ceviche.
Me: Goody. I love ceviche.
Mom: The trout has little feet.
Me: Uhmmmmm. I do not want ceviche with feet.
Mom: It's dove.
Me: I especially don't want ceviche made of dove.

(In case you aren't familar with this delicious treat. It is a seafood dish cooked by soaking fish and/or shrimp in lime juice.)

P.S. Can anyone tell me WHY I can comment on other people's blogs from my home computer only if they do not have the drop down menu where you choose google account? I can comment on other google sites, and other comment types. But not that particular one. I feel bad because there are many blogs I would have liked to responded to Friday.


  1. I don't know about the drop down, but I can tell you, it just took me 3 tries to sign up as one of your followers. And I thought I already did that yesterday. I'm not trying to annoy you or anything, but I had an awful time with my Blogger account last week. I'm beginning to think they don't like me.

    Trout with feet, that is hysterical!

    And let me get this straight, you have 5 kids and you do triatholons and I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee, contemplating maybe a little Pilates? Man, I am so doing the Pilates and then I'm going to kick it in with some running and then bike riding and it's too cloudy here for a swim, but yeah...

    Wow. I am impressed.

  2. how are you? met you last friday. wow good for you and all the exercising you are doing, I am jealous- good luck on the triatholon.

  3. Joann,
    Don't be too impressed. I have to run and bike just to get away from the kids. I wish just locking myself in the bathroom would work, but it doesn't.
    I tried to comment on your site....I can't remember if yours was one that worked.

  4. Doh! Seven yards shorter. Ummm, I mean seven &@#$!! yard. :)

  5. Stopping by from New Friend Friday to say hi! Come by when you get a chance!


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