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Friday, April 16, 2010


How do you like these shoes? They are my current favorite. They are my Easter shoes. When I put them on I review the list of reasons in my head why it is completely ridiculous for me to wear them.

1. I am a teacher. I spend a few hours daily on my feet. These are not practical

2. Apparently high heels are bad for your back......w/e.

3. I am clumsy. One stumble in these and my triathlon season is finished!!

But there is another list in my head. The list of reasons why I have taken to wearing these shoes and others like them just recently. Fashion sure......That's part of the reason, but really the list boils down to one thing.

1. This

I have taken to wearing these shoes in an attempt to stop the towering. My fourteen year old son has long ago passed me up in height. He laughingly comes to my aid when I am trying to reach the hand mixer or the cheese grater. And it isn't just the height.....Although I love seeing him become a young man. It is scary. The future is coming so fast for him. It seems like just yesterday I had to hoist him up to reach the water fountain. Having to look up to my son reminds me that pretty soon I am going to have to let him go......go to movies without me, and football games, and, out of state church retreats and college. Ouch..let's just don't talk about it.

So.....I wear the shoes. It doesn't really stop the towering. Especially when he is wearing HIS favorite shoes.

Size 12 1/2. Oi vey.
(P.S. He does have the requisite number of wrinkles in his jeans before they hit the boot, but just for me he lifted the hem of his jeans. He is sweet that way.)


  1. Sounds like my son at that age. He is now 28, 6 foot 4, about 250 lbs and wears a size 13 shoe. He just got married last week. I have pictures of the wedding on my blog. Please visit.

  2. Wear them and enjoy them. They are awesome!

  3. Oh you are so cool an funny. SUPER Mom!
    I can wear my Daughter's shoes. Come see my post today...I am a petite even in my own family HAHA.
    I love shoes!
    Happy new friend follow. I am following you now, come follow my blog.
    A Plus,

  4. Hi! So, you have 5 kids! It is odd to find someone with over 4- so I feel an immediate connection! I totally feel your pain about the height issue. My twelve year old stepson is already taller than myself and his father. Plus, we are both teachers! I love making new friends in the blog world! Come back, or email me ( I would love to talk with you more! :)

  5. Hi!!!!! I'm here from FF! I'm excited to check your blog out! I love that you are wearing those shoes! I alreadt dread the day my son is taller than me...and he is only 4 now!
    If you get a chance, head over to mine. we are helping a baby girl in China (who happens to be an orphan) to get a life saving heart surgery so that she can hopefully find a family!!!!
    Blessings on you!


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