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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been AWOL. I know.  Hey!  I've a little busy.  (Said with my best New Jersey accent - which isn't that good.  In fact it sounds a lot like my Howard Cosell.)

Anyway.  I have been getting farther and farther from blogging as I feel worse and worse about not blogging.  I figured the best way to make a comeback was to just write something.  Anything.
Here goes.

August saw three different birthday celebrations at our house.

Shaye Baby turned two.  How is it possible she is two?  It goes so fast, yet at the same time I can hardly remember our family without her antics.

We had a small celebratory after lunch party.  The good thing about having Sweet Aunt live a block over is that once her and her four boys show up it is an instant party! 
I made a lemon cake from scratch that called for about five cups of just the frosting. (Talk about a party.)

Shaye had several presents, but only one gift bag.  When she turned to exclaim over one of her treasures I just snuck the next gift into the bag.  Genius.

Tell me please how two year old girls know they love a hat and a purse?

Next it was Tanner's turn.
The BIG 13.  I can't imagine how he got this old!

His birthday is actually in July, but with the cruise and all it kept getting pushed back.  It was his year for a real party though, so party we did.  He chose a go cart party.  Great fun was had by all.
Just in case you didn't believe me - here are the pics. 

 Sweet Aunt and Cade

 The Coach and Tayte

My Best Peep Pree and her girly.

The Birthday Boy himself.
                                                                             Speedy Saige

And of course no party is complete unless one of your "grown" ass brothers gets kicked off the go cart track.........I'll let you guess who got kicked off - Guns or Uncle Bachelor.

And last but not least the sweetest three year old on the planet turned into the sweetest four year old.  (My blog, my opinion!)
He is pretty excited.  He wore that crown all week.  I think it had finally met its demise though.

 You might be wondering why we are having a donut party at 8 am in the park.  I'll tell you. Tayte was dying to have a party in the park.  The forecast for the day we planned to have his party was 108.  We decided there was NO WAY we were going to go into the scorching heat to grill.  So...we bought up a couple dozen donuts, stuck some candles in one and ta da........Party!!

Again if you don't believe's a pic.  See?  Invite Sweet Aunt and Sweet Uncle and their sweet boys, throw in one Gramma and one babysitter and instant party.

 Just for the record Shaye totally approved of the donut theme.

So... not even counting my trip to Vermont, and school starting back up....thing have been hopping around here.  And I am infinitely grateful to be celebrating another year with each one of these kiddos.

I hope to stretch this streak into two by writing about the National Championships tomorrow.  I hope you will drop by!!


  1. Hell who wouldn't love a donut party? Or sugar-packed lemon icing? Or go carts? Or a gift bag that keeps on giving? Happy birthday x 3!

  2. I like your idea of a party. Can I blend a donut with my slimfast today? is it still cheating if it's IN the shake? Love go of the things I miss about my hometown. we used to go all the time. Good to have you back in bloggyland...even if briefly. Good luck in Vermont!

  3. birthday season for you too eh? we have ours in early June, soooo many birthdays!! Looks like everyone had a blast!!! now I'm crazing donuts!!! lol

  4. That is a lot of delicious cake!


    Sorry about the caps, I would go back and correct them but it took me forever to get that typed (and I wasn't looking at the computer)

  6. I think I'm going to throw myself a donut party for my 31st b-day....

  7. Cool b-day pictures. Kids looked happy and that's what it's all about.
    Hope to see more of your posts. You have to make up for all the time you were gone, you know. :-)

  8. My beautiful children!! I am so blessed!


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