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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decor Danger

I am going to have to reassess my previous notions of the most dangerous job in the world.  It may be decorating.  My mom and I embarked on a simple project this week.  We wanted to change this plain, blank wall into a decorated wall.  Easy enough huh?

First I spent a couple of hours going through old pictures on Snapfish and ordering 8x10s in black and white.  The next day I went and picked them up and then I visited three different Hobby Lobby stores to procure 14 frames.  I chose black "floating" ones.  Mom and I figured if we put some colored art paper behind the picture it would serve as a mat at half the cost.  Plus since the frames were on sale for half price they were only five dollars each.  What a bargain. Unfortunately every time I go into Hobby Lobby I find some other decor item that I NEED, so really no money was saved.

For example, isn't this pillow adorable?

Day three of this project we sent the kids for a  nap and assembled the pictures.  (After a fifth trip to the store to exchange the art paper for the correct color of art paper.)

When I snapped this picture my mom told me NOT to put her on my blog.

Sorry Mom.
Pictures matted.

Finally we got to actually hang a picture.

All was going well until we got to the part of the wall I couldn't reach.  How DO those decorators get so high?  Books?  They helped me reach to hang one or two pictures.

But this was a better solution.

 Yes.  This project involved hanging upside down from the second floor.  Professional decorators must be limber!!

I told my mom I could no longer feel my feet.  She said, "My Lord, Heather.  I didn't know your feet weren't on the floor!" This is the same woman who says, "My Lord, Heather why can't you work out at the gym like normal people?"  I love her.

We were in the home stretch when I decided I could put a ladder up on the books I had stacked to reach that empty space there that was too high from the stairs and too low from the upstairs.  The lladder balanced on books on the stairs didn't work. While I was retreating down the stairs with the ladder I knocked over the broom (I may have used that broom earlier to sweep up glass when I dropped a picture from upstairs and it shattered.  I had purchased an extra frame just for such a circumstance.)

Back to the broom.

It landed on the remaining two pictures and then I stepped on it.  Of course the glass on the pictures broke.  Ugh.

I didn't have two more extra frames.

So this is where we ended yesterday.  I will make yet a sixth trip to Hobby Lobby to get two more frames.

Tomorrow I will prevail.

What kind of projects do you have going on?  Do you have a picture wall, or do you think they are lame??  And finally the last question.  How long do you think it will take all the kids to realize Tanner got featured on the wall one more time than the rest of them?


  1. I feel the same way about going to Hobby Lobby; I always spend a lot more than I anticipate.

    Your pictures look awesome. You are one brave gal! Hanging over that railing would freak me out. Holy have tall ceilings!

  2. I love the way that wall turned out! I have a zillion pictures that need frames to go on the wall I have picked out for this but I haven't managed to remember those frames any time I go shopping. And now we're thinking about moving out of state when our lease is up so I don't really feel like doing any more decorating. Maybe I'll get my act together so I can get the new place done the way I want before we decide to move from there.
    I love that pillow too!

  3. The wall looks awesome! I have done some things like that unfortunately, I did fall!

  4. I hope it makes you feel better that it looks Amazing!! worth the effort?
    I also have a picture wall -- but I made the mistake of placing it on a wall that also has has the bathroom door. Thus, everytime someone closes that bathroom door, the frames get all knocked askew! I've given up straighten them after several years!
    The kids will notice immediately. I don't even have the 3rd child on my wall yet! Bad mommy.

  5. It looks great! I do have a picture wall in the living room. I have pictures of us and our family, mixed with art pictures, in all different size frames. I got the black frames at Ikea.

  6. The wall looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It looks really great! I love Hobby Lobby and can get lost in there for hours!

  8. it looks amazing! I hate the whole process of picture frames and hanging them. I actually have a couple hanging in my house without the glass because I was too cheap to buy replacements when certain little demons broke them.

  9. I love that red wall but sheesh girl ... you live dangerously!

  10. Super cute! I love red. And blue. Actually, if I were a stalker, I'd just sneak in and steal that blue flowered pillow.

  11. Dear Heather's Mom,

    Did you know I'm your biggest fan?
    It's true.

    Love, Noelle

    Dear Heather,

    I'm probably your biggest fan too.

    Love, Noelle

  12. I have been working on a photo wall project too! Great minds think alike. Great job!

  13. Umm... I'd break a couple of frames for an excuse to go back to the craft store. Just sayin...

    And I about choked when I realized your feet weren't on the ground. Adrenaline junkie you! :)

  14. Wow, you ROCK!!! First, it'd take me 4 hours to figure out Snapfish. Then 9 hours to drive to Hobby Lobby and find frames. Then I'd obsess for 4 days where to hang them and then I'd be too stressed to do anything and they'd sit in my diningroom. This is hypothetical - of course.. my diningroom is spotless. ;)

  15. Oh...but can I also add that that landing looks amazing. I'm glad you didn't break your leg!!

  16. We had pictures all over the place at our old house, but I haven't hung a single photo yet in this house.

  17. I would have fallen of the books stacked on the stairs. I know I would have.

    The wall looks great! I love black and white pictures.

  18. Ladder...on top of books...? Really Heather? ;) I am a photographer and I don't even have a photo wall yet. :( I suck. I am a slacker.


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