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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let Go

"No really. Let go of the children."

I am afraid that is what my husband is going to be saying to me this week.  I have mentioned a couple of times we are leaving for a cruise in the near future.  Did I mention we weren't taking any kids.

I have been away before.  I left the older three four years ago and went to Hawaii for ten days.  The younger two I haven't left as much, probably no more than a weekend with my parents or The Coach's parents if they came in town to watch them.

The older kids visit their dad various weekends.  We only live about ten miles apart so no matter whose weekends it is we can count on everyone being together at various sporting events and more sporting events.  When they go for a week though I still have trouble letting go.  I am not trying to say their dad is a bad guy.  He does things differently than I do, and he has a tendency to be a "Disney Dad", but he loves them and he does take care of them.  That isn't to say I don't worry about things like what they are eating, watching, and hearing.  Really though it isn't parenting, or anything that makes me worried, just the ins and outs of not seeing them everyday.

Like I already said that babies have rarely been away from me unless I am a work.  Yes, The Coach and I do go out and we do leave the kids with Ty, Sweet Aunt, Gramma, or Mia.  It is rare though to go a day without seeing them. For the time we are going they will be in Illinois.  The Coach's mom, Mia, is very excited to have them.  We haven't been back to The Coach's hometown for a while and she is anxious to show them off and show them a good time.

I am sitting here trying to write what specifically I am worried about.  I have no specific worries.  The kids' dad, and the kids' Mia are perfectly able to care for them.  
But really...........can anyone do it as well as me?  :)

I need to let go and have a little faith in the prayers I will pray every day for their safety from danger, germs, evil, and junk food. 

I am sure the week will fly by and I will be back home with their bickering and whining in no time.  Meanwhile I guess someone else can listen to it.

I asked a few posts ago if the kids of bloggerland leave for a time during the summer or not.
Today I would like to know if you have any tips for peace of mind.


  1. no one is as good as you mama...
    that being said, I am a firm believer on alone time for me and the fact, we're taking off for a few days without the brood today...
    just remember, when you're gone they will be happy, taken care of, being fed, and probably having a great time...
    now you need to have relax and have a great time too!

  2. Well..Cam has been gone twice this summer already. It's always hard. I make him call (but on a cruise that will be hard to do). I just pray A LOT, I know that he is having fun and I trust in Him to bring Cam home safe.

    I know thats not much comfort, but thats what I do. I feel like a fish out of water when he's not home. So lost and my husband is the same way. What do we watch on TV? Because usually we would be watching Zach and Cody or something that Cameron would enjoy too..

    Just go..have fun...and when the time comes the rest of blog world will pray over you and your kids too! :)

  3. I don't have any advice. But if you get some let me know.

  4. It's always hard for me too. Mine were just gone a couple of days with the IL's. I made myself relax and enjoy the downtime but there's always that nagging worry.
    I also think it has to do with how we were raised. Caveman was put on planes alone to visit his g'parents for weeks and makes nothing of it. Not the case for me.
    Guess we have to accept the challenge and try our best to trust and let go.

  5. They'll be absolutely fine, and they know that what happens at Dad's house only happens at Dad's house, and like you said, he loves them and takes good care of them. Different is ok, especially when you know it's temporary. ;)

  6. It's not easy.

    I said that to another mom last weekend when I dropped the oldest off at Austin Bergstrom to fly out to Phoenix for a week (after he'd just been in Tennessee a week before). I cry every year when he goes on these trips. I usually cry harder when the plane backs away from the gate.

    They're going to be fine. And they'll be better for this time. So will you.

  7. It is so hard to leave the care of your kids to someone else. However, try really hard to enjoy yourself and have faith that they will be fine without you. And just remember you will so be excited to hear the bickering and fighting when you return (at least for the first day).

  8. My 7 year old was adopted by my parents when he was a baby. He's been there forever...and I still worry about him! :-) My almost 4 year old, well, his Dad IS a loser and he NEVER sees a result, me and my Lover don't get a break very often. My folks keep him on occasion, but it's more often that we keep my other son...than they keep the younger

    It's tough. We want them to be protected and there are so many stories out there that scare the crap out of us...

    Don't stress. They will be in good hands and you will have a blast! Enjoy yourself (I say as I am trying to convince myself to do the same this week!)

    New follower! Hope to see you around soon!

  9. Remind yourself that they will have fun and be taken care of.

    And then have a fabulous time yourself!

  10. You are absolutely the best caretaker for your kids, period.

    They will be fine even if they get some germs and some junk food. :)

    Enjoy your cruise and then write a cool post about it, OK?

  11. None but I will pray that you, and Coach, are having so much fun that you barely remember that you have kids! :)

  12. The one time we left sheldon home for a weekend by herself she almost joined a cult. We didn't leave her alone again until last weekend and she's 21.

  13. I so get this, Heather. Of course you'll have fun on the trip, and of course you'll miss them. Just focus on the fun 'cause how often does a cruise come around, right? As for your ex being a Disney Dad, I have to say I hadn't heard that saying, but now that I have, it's being applied to my ex...only he's a Disney Asshole...wait, can I say that here????

  14. For me, the lead up is always the hardest part. I hope this is true for you, too, and once you are away the time will fly. Have fun.

  15. I read this post with a heavy heart! My husband keeps trying to convince me that we need a "couples vacation"...just him and me. He wants to go away next year for our 10th anniversary and I'm already having panic attacks over the idea.

    I so know what you mean about the worry, etc. I do know it's good to get away for some alone time with our husbands but it's so hard to be away from the kids and know that they are 100% safe and happy without us there.


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