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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clear Lake Tri

 Sub Title - My Butt Thanks YOU, Dad

My dad took pity on me and my repeated lamentations about my butt.  More specifically my bike saddle was killing my butt.  It got to where I didn't even want to sit in a regular chair any more.   Which is unfortunate as is hard to drink wine lying down.  I mean it can be done, but it is messy.
Anyway he offered to buy me a new seat.  I declined because expensive.
I went to the bike store to get a new fit and the bike guy pointed out that the rails on my seat were bent.  He gave me a loaner to try out.  I can't say that I like it. 
My tri coach suggested a different seat and it was in fact expensive.  I called Dad up to see if the offer was still good. It was.  Whew....he hadn't spent the money on my pesky brothers.
It has gel and it is one of those "cut out" seats.  I have used it twice now.  Once on the road and once on the trainer.  The road day was terrible as far as zones and speed and I was afraid it was the seat, but now looking back I think my legs were just toast last week for some reason.  It feels good and I can sit in a regular chair again.  That's good.  The red wine stains were ruining the couch.

Next Sub Title - I Hate Sadist Triathlon Route Planners

My next big race is supposed to be the Clear Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon in August.  I haven't signed up for it yet.  Here's why.

You probably don't remember but this big causeway was mile five and six of the Kemah Olympic Distance race I ran in April.  It was a killer. 
For some reason the event planners of the Clear Lake Tri have decided to use this damn bridge again except this time for the bike. 
Are they freaking kidding me?
I mean I live on the coast.  There are plenty of miles - you can actually see them - stretched out end to end not changing in elevation at all.  In fact they are pretty much at sea level.  I do not know why the planners had to put the bike route out of the way to include this structure.  I hate them.  I am sorry. I do.
I know some of you encounter hills daily and I respect you. 
You know that saying, "Run for the Hills"?  Well I don't do that.  I run from them.  Bike too. 
What is a wimpy triathlete to do?
Anyone know any good hill workouts to do when there are no hills in the area?

What do you like to avoid?  Heat?  Hills? Wind? Cold? Dairy Queen?


  1. I don't like hills either. I loathe them but I really have no choice. If I want to get home I have to ride or run the hills. However, having said that it doesn't mean I don't bitch the whole entire way!

  2. When I used to run and bike, we lived in Eau Claire, WI in a subdivision called "Rimrock Hills." There was a reason for that. Our kids were 2 and 3 when we moved there and we used to joke that when they learned to ride a bike, they'd have legs like billy goats. We lived on a secluded road shaped like a capital "P". We lived on the far top left corner of the letter. It was great to do a quick run, because it was exactly 2.5 miles if you went once perfect is that? But the HILLS! Ugh! You were wheezing by the time you even walked it, much less ran or biked it - steep up and down! We lived there 6 years and I was so muscular and in shape I cannot tell you. I am much thinner now, but not near as muscular.

  3. HA! The wine stuff cracked me up. I've spilled enough red wine that I've had to move down to white wine for stain purposes =D

    As far as hills...we had a TNT team up at Pac Crest a few years ago that lived in a very flat area and the only hills they could train on were freeway on ramps. This cracked me up!

  4. Bowing down to your greatness...because I'd never be able to bike...I'm sure of it. The whole thing doesn't work for me. Probably because I'm super

  5. You always make me smile. I like the new bike seat! Jason bought a similar one for me, back in the day when I did physical activity, and I love it!

  6. Hills are for coasting down...not running/biking up. It just doesn't look right with your hands above your head, screaming "wwwhhheeeee...look ma, no hands!"

    and 2 words: bendy straw :)

  7. All of the above ... well ... except for DQ!

  8. When we were training for the MS150 we would drive to Chappel Hill near Brenham. You can always reward yourself with Blue Bell afterwards!

  9. Would wine in a sippy cup be wrong? Just saying.

  10. I like to avoid exercise, period. ;)

    I'm a little disappointed in you, though. You could have been using a straw to drink your wine lying down.

  11. You've got a great dad! And a great saddle now.

    I hate heat. I just can't run when it's hot.

  12. I don't mind hills because i can't get away from them around here; but that thing looks like a pain in the butt because you'd have to deal with cross winds. Speaking of pain in the butt, that looks like a great new seat which is a good thing. Wine-drinking obstacles are just unacceptable.


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