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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog from Shaye

Hi Mom's Blogger Friends,

It's me, Shaye Baby.
I am not sure exactly what you know about me since I can't read, but it occurs to me I might getting a bad rap on this blog. I have been referred to as, "ornery" in real life so I can only imagine the accusations that are flying around here.

Please rest assured I agree with the ornery assessment, but I am here to set the record straight as far as the reasons for it.
Here is a day in my life.

I am awakened around 6:00 am most days, but other days I stand in my bed and call for a parent to no avail.  If I didn't know better I would think people were ignoring me, but I don't know why.  Shouldn't we all be getting up?
After that rude awakening someone usually shoves a pop tart into my hand and plunks me in the car soggy diaper and all.  No one asks me what flavor Pop Tart I want, or if I even WANT a pop tart.  Some days I really would dig a nice plate of eggs Benedict.

By 6:30 I am dropped at the sitter and I have a pretty good time with all the little ones there. After nap time Mom comes to get me.   (By the way I insist on calling her Daddy.  Just because.)

For the rest of the afternoon and evening my mom flits from room to room.  Who knows what she is doing, None of the possibilities are good.
She could be leaving and I would stuck here with one or more incompetent siblings.  I work to make sure that happens as little as possible.  Screaming helps in this area as no one wants to be left home with a screaming baby.
She could be having a snack and not giving me any.
She could be folding laundry which I must unfold as soon as she turns her back.
Generally in these situations getting hold of a Sharpie or fighting with the cat seems to get her attention. 

Sometimes I manage to get distracted by a toy or usually some kitchen utensils.  This is great until one of the siblings comes by and decides whatever I have is theirs, or otherwise needs to be ripped from my grasp.  Now I could talk, but what is the point when an ear piercing scream works so well?  If it doesn't work....I hit.

Another reason I have to scream is because people are always trying to "help" me.  Rarely are they ever trying to help me do what I want to do and that is frustrating.

Two of my favorite pastimes are refusing to talk and refusing to come when called.
People are always trying to get me to say things.  They tell me, "Say cow, Say Saigie, Say Night Night."   I don't want to say any of that crap.  I am not a dog who does tricks for Pete's sake.  I have my pride.
Running away is great fun.  Especially when no one is playing with me.  It is an instant game.  If I have a toothbrush, or someone's cell phone it is even more fun.  And.  I am fast!

So you see I am not all that bad.  I am the youngest of five and it is important I don't let anyone forget I am here.

What do your kids do for fun?


  1. I love this. I often wonder what is going round in the youngest head of a busy household. Screaming, grabbing something expensive and running seems to be the universal baby/toddler way to get noticed. LOL

  2. Oh that cracked me up! I think Shaye Baby may have been plotting with Pie because that sounds awfully familiar. Especially the part about try to get her to say things and being denied completely!

  3. Haha.. this is a funny post. What is it about getting ahold of a toothbrush that turns kiddos into fugitives on the run?

  4. Great post! They are quick little ones aren't they? I've been doing the "Chase Me" game with my sisters 18 mo old that I babysit 3 days a week (and tend to hand him pop tarts alot too!)

  5. You are making me laugh so much! You don't wanna say any of the crap, lol!

  6. Love it! Shaye has a great vocabulary.

  7. My kids team up for mid-night leap frog. Two asleep, one awake. Get that one to sleep and someone else wakes up. In the loving words of Angelica Pickles...Dumb Babies.

  8. Oh, she sounds like such a character!

  9. Adorable! We were running VERY late this morning and Mallory stood, barefoot, perusing a full shoe rack and murmuring, "nope, none of those!" I would have made her go to school without shoes but it's against the rules and that would get ME in trouble! Sheesh!

  10. Hilarious! My youngest, who's almost five still puts things in her mouth, like she's one or something. I think she's trying to get my attention and it really works if it's a marble or a coin or when she licks things, like the bottom of her shoes, yuck!

  11. Love the new blog look Heather!
    And Baby Shaye, cut your mom some slack. She is a very busy and talented blogger who has many fans, some of us happen to be crushing on her and her hotness, so let her get some sleep! Who gets up at 6am anyway!

  12. This was a cute post! I'm sure you could continue with Shaye Baby's perspective for quite a while. :0)
    It's fun to interpret what they're thinking when they can't or won't tell you.
    Who needs to talk when you have 4 siblings to do it for you? I have a friend who has 4 children-10,7,5,14 months. The baby, she hasn't spoken much either.

  13. So funny!! I'm the youngest of 4, so I can relate.

    And again blogger sucks and won't let me log in? Grrr

    it's hydrantgirl


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