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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 More Days

There are three days left of school.
Due to the budget cuts in Texas schools I was laid off of my summer job.
The Coach and I discussed it and decided it would be more profitable for me to just not work this summer.

For the first time in six years I am going to be a stay at home mom!  (For the summer.)

One of the great things about teaching is the multiple opportunities a year to make or revamp goals.   This is convenient because I have long given up on the goals I made for New Years.  Last year my summer goal was to visit new and different parks.  It was a pretty slacker goal, but we moved twice last summer and I worked summer school.

 (Sniff.  Look at Shaye Baby so little last summer.)

Here are some of my goals for the family this summer.

Better nutrition.  We have fallen into some bad habits here towards the end of the year like Pop Tarts and cokes.  I told the kids we would be sugar free this summer.  That is probably stretching things a bit, but we will try to reduce the junk.  (The older three claim they are going to live with their dad.  Ha!)

Exercise.  Because it is Africa hot here it is hard to get out and romp around during the day, but without multiple sports during the summer we should be able to return to Forced Family Fun in the evenings.

 Here is one of our past "fun" efforts!  Again The Coach would like to remind everyone his tumbler is full of Tom Collins. (Look at Tayte.  He was a BABY!)

 The Coach and I got bikes for Mother's Day, so we can cruise around the neighborhood in style.

Scheduling.  If I don't watch it the kids will be watching cartoons all day while I blog clean up the kitchen five times after each kid eats.  My plan is to go out while it is bearable and get the babies tired enough for a nap.  A rule I always stick to is that breakfast ends at 9:00  After that the kids have to wait until lunch to eat.  Tanner is usually the last one up and has to sprint to the kitchen like O.J. Simpson in an airline commercial to make the deadline.

Tan Man's cute self will be denied breakfast if he can't get downstairs after the kitchen has been cleaned.

Also important in the scheduling area is my workouts.  I will get to sleep late compared to the school year, but I still need to get up early to do the workouts before the oppressive heat sets in.  Plus a big goal is to get to yoga class a couple of times a week. 

Obviously I need to work on my yoga since this is the only pose I know!

And finally I need to take more pictures of this patriotic baby!!  All of them really.  I haven't been as good about it as I should be lately. Just one more thing they will need therapy for one day.

Got any goals or plans this summer?
Got any advice on keeping my sanity with five kids at home for the summer?


  1. Great goals! I have twin 14 month olds, and my goal is to start taking them to story time at the library once a week, and to have lots and lots of outside play time. If anyone gives you any advice about keeping your sanity.. pass it on to me - I need it! :)

  2. If you get any tips on the sanity front, pass them on to me! I only have three but it's a daily struggle. I like your goals, I have similar ones for our summer. I finally have one starting school in the fall so my big goal is just to fill this summer up with as much family activities and outings as I can stand/afford.

  3. So glad Shell pushed me, I mean, suggested I visit your place! We were recently considering a move to Houston TX (from New England) and after 3 days of wicked humidity this past weekend, - no idea how I could have done it there. Y'all get some humid hot weather for like months, right?

    Good luck w/ those goals this summer. Stick to the picture one, so we can all see how cute those chicklets are.

  4. Oh gosh summer goals hadn't even occurred to me! Just trying to get through today is enough of a challenge right now.
    Love the bike!

  5. Cute Blog! I loved it so much I decided to follow! Happy Tuesday! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!


  6. I'm so jealous! But I think the big goal of the summer is find more activities for Husband and Pie to do. They both need to get out and be more social!

  7. Budget cuts stink! Enjoy having the summer to be a SAHM!

  8. I wish I could take a summer hiatus! I think I could really use it.

  9. I am sad to hear CA is not the only state in a deep financial mess.

    Summer? What summer? I am not ready for the summer yet.
    I don't have goals other than completing John Muir Trail. It seems to me this is the only thing I can focus on these days. Well, this and blogging. :)

  10. Africa hot! You must live somewhere near me. Goals this summer...make it through alive!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!! It seriously sounds sooo much like our family!!! Makes me laugh!

    I love the Forced Family Fun Night!! Think I might start giving that a try!

  12. Well I have 5 kids all summer as well! I am a mom to two kids and a nny to three kids I have been with them for 7 years so I have 5 kids ages 11,9,6,and two 3 year olds the my survival guide well just make sure you have a good facebook or phone contact list to scream out to other moms lol...

    Found you over at the blog hop! hope you can stop by and follow me back and stick around I am having a weekend long birthday bash give away this weekend!!! thanks!

  13. Thanks for the follow, I now follow you. Have a fantastic day.

  14. i love taking the time to write out goals - so fun that you get to stay home this summer!

  15. You're still one pose ahead of me. I hope summer goes according to plan. I usually just wing it, cuz I'm lazy like that. ;)

  16. Been a stay at home mom to 2, then 3 for the last 4 years. It's challenging to find ways to keep them busy, especially when they don't always want to do the same thing. Then the grumbling begins. So it helps to let them each pick something...and then you have to follow through. Most important...or you'll never hear the end of it.
    But my weird little secret is that I DON'T try to schedule or over-plan everything. Keep em busy, absolutely, but I often let them find thier own way. The next thing you discover is 2 hours have passed while they have been building cities in the sandbox, climing the backyard trees, and trying to catch a butterfly. Museums, playgrounds, zoos, and amusement parks all are great, and we do try some to that. But I often find at the end of the day, a tired, but happy child is one that was let loose in the fields of their own imagination.

    Secrets? Of course I got one. If all hell breaks loose one day.....turn the hose on them. LOL

  17. Enjoy your summer off! Um... if that is even the right thing to say when you have kids. LOL

    I need to get back to yoga. I've been zumba-ing a lot. And I'll keep that up this summer- b/c then the gym watches my kids and I get a break.

  18. Love the yoga pose! :) We usually hit the park, the zoo, the beach.. and get lots of icecream and water ice to beat the heat. Other than that? I have no other ideas... I need help with MY five too! LOL

  19. I have lots of goals this summer but my main goal is just trying to stay sane. Seriously, I'm gonna try real hard to just relax and enjoy this summer with my kids. It's only been 3 days and they're making it very challenging but I'm giving it every effort I have...LOL!!

  20. This post came at a perfect time and has me so excited for summer! So glad you get to stay home this summer! I hear ya on needing a schedule or the whole day is just wasted on fighting, t.v. and messing up the house. :)

  21. I only wish I were home with five kids for the summer. (Trust me on this one).

    And come to the Northwest... summers are great because you can kick everyone outside for the WHOLE DAY, and then veg out to some grilled dinners in the evening. It's gonna be perfect weather :_

  22. At least you have goals. And all very achievable. Especially the last one. With kids that cute, how could one resist photos all day long?

    Yoga is fab, if nothing, do that.

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    Hope you visit me and return the


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