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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Email that Got Him Fired

I felt my husband needed to be pestered today.  Mostly because he was "reminding" to mail a letter he had just given me that morning. As if "reminding" me in the middle of the day when I am teaching helps.  As if I forget things.

So I pestered.

I asked, "What is in the letter you want me to mail?  I can't mail it without knowing in case it is a letter explosion or something terroristy like that.

His reply: It is our Homestead Exemption and you need to remember to mail it to save on taxes.

Me:  Do you promise it is not booby trapped?

Him: I promise.  Would you just mail it?

Me: "I still do not trust you.  You have been acting all terroristy lately.  I noticed you got a new briefcase and shoes with a bomb compartment"

Him: Please send more incriminating emails to my work account, Heather.  That is great.

Me:  What?  At least I didn't write PANTIES we all know how much your work email hates that!

Him: Yes.  At least you didn't write that.

I could almost hear the audible sigh over the email.

 ( I did mail the letter and it seems he was telling the didn't turn into a dangerous gorilla or anything else destructive.)


  1. LOL

    I do stuff like that - but usually try to keep it limited to text's - or I know he is sometimes on a recorded line and will jokingly say stuff like that!

    We have to torture them for all the torture we endure!

  2. Next time include boobs as well, for good measure.

  3. I like the idea of including boobs....funny :)

    Love it! Ha ha ha ha

  4. My husband is so much more boring.

  5. hee hee, incriminating text messages right when the boss walks into your cubicle are also good. . .

  6. And now he's on the "Watched" list of the U.S. Government!

  7. The government picked that email out of the air. You know they can do that.

  8. I will be looking for both of you on my local post office walls.

  9. See, you could have written 'vagina' then you totally would have had his full cooperation...not that I know anything about that word or it's not like I use it every opportunity I have...

  10. what are you going to do when the gov't comes knocking on your door asking for all shoes?

  11. Haha! I'm always paranoid about scandalous stuff in my work emails! (not that there's much of that)

  12. LOL That is one way to make sure the gov't is looking over your shoulder!

  13. AWESOME!!! I am loving reading your posts - I think you and I could be friends.


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