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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot Cow and other Baby Slang

Shaye is almost 18 months,or maybe she already is.  Who can keep track?   She is beginning to talk.  She consistently uses the following vocabulary.
Stop It
and Shut Up

(Can you tell she is the youngest of five?)

Saigie is our resident baby whisperer and always has been.  I had forgotten until recently she performed this service for us when Tayte was first learning to talk also. 

A typical evening would go like this:
Tayte: Sprekeblach hack
Me:  Do you want a drink?

Tayte: No! Sprekenblack hack.
Me: Does your ear hurt?

I would  keep trying valiantly.  After about fifteen minutes I would call my first grade daughter in from outside and ask her what her brother wanted.

Tayte:  (To Saige) SPREKEBLCK HACK!
Saige:  He wants a Popsicle. A red one.

Well of course.  Why didn't I realize that?

It finally got to where he would just go tell Saige what he wanted and then she would translate.

The pattern is repeating itself with Shaye Baby. 
We were in the car the other day.  I turned off the radio so I could hear one of the boys tell me he was supposed to build a to scale model of Mt. Rushmore.  By tomorrow.

Shaye said, "Hawt Cowl"
I handed her a cracker. 
"Hawt Cowwwl."
I handed her my phone.  What?  Maybe she had calls to make.  She threw it on the floor.  Then she started getting angry.

Then it became obvious to me....she wanted a cheese burger.

As I was pulling into the McDonald's (not really) Saige finally piped up.
"She wants you to turn the music back on."
"No" I argued.  "She wants a cheeseburger.  She is saying HOT COW!  It makes perfect sense."

At this point Shaye is quite worked up.  Did I ever tell you she is onery?

Fine.  I turned the music back on. 
I looked in my rearview mirror.  Shaye is dancing in her car seat. 

I think Saige must own some kind of Rosetta Stone for babies.
Do you think she could earn her college tuition as a baby translator?


  1. Haha! Love the party shoes in that last pic!

  2. Sometimes when I can't understand my two-year old, I ask his older brother what he's saying, and often he knows. They share some secret language I think.

  3. When Braydon was younger I had to have Lexi translate everything for me. I was amazed she always knew what he wanted.

  4. You have some amazing translation skills!

  5. Hot cow makes perfect sense!

  6. Amazing! I can never figure out what kids are saying... I just smile and nod.

  7. That picture is so utterly adorable.

    I could never understand my oldest. She was constantly saying something that sounded like, "Au Jus." I thought maybe she was French and looking for a sandwich. I finally realized she was saying, "Hold you." I felt terrible that I went around for weeks, denying my baby's pleas to be held because I thought she wanted some French dip.

    She was quite helpful when the others came and started talking.

    I do think there are certain people that are awesome baby whisperers.

  8. Hilarious and Fabulous all at once!!

  9. Thats funny! My seven year old is my chicken whisperer. Mildred runs after me trying to peck me, but will sit in Mia's lap, letting her pet her. Stupid chicken. And I get the youngest thing. Our youngest said sh*t yesterday. At least she used it correctly.

  10. Oh, this one had me laughing for a long time. Thank you :)

  11. This has me laughing out loud. You are so freakin' funny! Gosh, I'm so glad I read your blog before bed. Hot Cow...Bahaaahaa....Reminds me of my 19 month old...he has a little temper and when I can't understand him he gets so mad.

  12. Rosetta Stone for babies! Great idea. It could be a cute novelty gift.


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