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Monday, January 3, 2011

Be Better

What's that you say?  You have been losing sleep wondering what my New Years resolutions are?  I am sorry.  I will fill you in immediately.  I am sure you were also curious as to how my Virtual Race - Resolution Run went.

I thought about an actual resolution.   I couldn't think of anything.  It is certainly not because I am perfect.  I guess I am just not very creative and I didn't want to resolve to do anything I knew I just wouldn't do.  So my resolution is simply this, "Be Better."

I already workout, I just need to do it better.

If I lost weight I could maybe run faster, but I already eat decently so I just resolve to do better.  Maybe I can continue in the HBBC spirit of getting seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  (Without drinking V8 juice because it turns out it is 22% carrot juice and I am allergic to carrots.  Who knew?)

I am a decent mom.  I cook and cart and so forth, but I could be better by being a tad more focused and taking advantage of some opportunities I let slip by.  Maybe I could even occasionally help with homework instead of just hollering that I have already passed the 9th, 7th, or 4th grade.

I go to church, but I could be better by actually reading and trying to hear God.

I could be a tad more organized at home and at school. (I could start by finding my daily reading Bible so as to accomplish the previous Better.)

I am already a wonderful wife, so it will be a real reach to find an area for improvement.  I am not asking The Coach for any suggestions! 

I am not changing my motto from "Mediocrity is my goal."  I think I will just shoot for the upper limit of mediocrity instead of just barely not sucking!

 And now on to the race report.  No.  I do not comb my hair to run.   You gotta problem with that?  Who am I kidding.   I haven't combed my hair since the 80's.

Saige and I set out on a five miler.  (See I am Being Better already?  What is better than me exercising?  Me exercising and taking Saigie along to get some exercise too!) Saigie's resolution was "Read More."  What an enjoyable resolution for her!

It was sunny outside, but I quickly decided I hadn't worn enough clothes because of the wind.  I just went with it though instead of going in to change and getting Shaye Baby tuned up again.

Saigie and I set off.  We spent the first mile figuring out how to not run over each other.  After that we were like a well oiled machine.  I told Saige to ride and I would follow her.  She decided early on it was no fun to ride against the wind and did as much as she could to avoid it.  I appreciated that too!

I got a Garmin for Christmas so this recap is going to include mile times....because I can!
mile one: 11:05
mile two: 10:13
mile three: 10:00
mile four: 10:08
mile five: 10:17
Total 51:41
I wasn't breaking any land speed records and I am probably not going to any time soon.   Part of being better may be spending more time working on speed.  OR Being better may include accepting my current pace.  I haven't decided yet.

(Sunday I ran ten miles for the first time ever!  Hopefully I am on track to do the half marathon I signed up for Jan. 31.  My goal for my first (and probably last) half marathon is to just run the whole time.)

Happy New Year!  I hope you all have a wonderful 2011!


  1. I think those are admirable "Being Better" goals. You're good, girl. I've yet to write out or assess my life. :o) And 10 miles...Woo-Hoo! That's impressive.

    PS...If you want to read along, I'm tracking my Bible readings over at my other blog...Reading with Larri

  2. Happy New Year! I like it, "Be Better". There always seem to be areas where we can improve and this covers the spectrum I think. :) Wishing you and your family a blessed year!

  3. LOL @ still mediocrity, just a higher level of it! So much truth in that!

  4. What kind of fool would comb their hair to run? You're the smart one here...apparently a tad on the mediocre side, but smart. ;)

  5. Be Better.

    I think I like that one. And, I'd totally fix my hair before a race. But, since I don't run, I guess it's sort of a moot point.

  6. Now first of all you are my most athletic friend I'm thinking I should try to at least walk half ok a quarter as much as you

    Be better... hell.. you are the best!!!! Hugs my friend.. and ps I just thought of you as I looked at the sign above my desk.. the 3 top reasons to teach... june July August...LOL!!!! Missed you!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love that Saige was with you on your run! I too want to do better in 2011 but my main goal/focus will be to find an inner quietness again. 2010 was too hectic for me, so much so that I lost my 'me' time for yoga, reading, napping, etc.

    This weekend I run the Ultra! Yep... you read that right, the trail is a sheet of ice today so it might take me 15 hours to complete but I will finish (yes I can, yes I can, yes I can). :)

    Have a geat week!

  8. I am like you. Pretty awesome, but have some slight improvements. :)

  9. If there was a guest blog post of the Coach's suggestions, that could be real interesting!

    "Just barely not sucking" - something that I personally aspire to.

  10. I try to be better every day. I find it less daunting than taking a whole year in one swipe. Plus every morning the slate is wiped clean.

    I hope you have an awesome (as well as better) 2011!

  11. You're good as gold! You'll totally nail the Jan 31 half! I'm excited for you. I'm dying to sign up for all the fun Spring and Summer races, but I'm sort of hoping to be knocked up by then so I'm putting it off.

    Let's hear it for uncombed hair! I hope you also do not wear makeup to run.

  12. I keep telling my wife I am a great husband, but she's not buying it. Seriously, you are such a terrific role model for your kiddies. I think we can all do a little better listening to the big guy upstairs.

    Great race! I love my Garmin too!

  13. I like the thinking process here - do better or be better. We all could use "resolutions" like these - thanks for sharing - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  14. Isn't that what all New Year's resolutions are about, being better? You put it into words very well. Isn't that what life is about, trying to improve.
    I have a feeling this is going to be a great year for that.


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