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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultimate Stupid

Not long ago I posted a list of the stupid things I do.
Here are some updates.
I was out with our sixty pound golden retriever, Clem, the other day talking to a the neighbor.  I had Clem on a leash and the kids in the stroller.  Clem had insisted on bringing her fetch toy and was driving me insane as I was holding it.She didn't so much as insist on bringing it as she is absolutely dependent upon having something in her mouth.  If she can't find a toy she acts like a crack whore in need of a score until she finds it.  So forgetting we were attached, I threw it.  Clem took off like a rocket to retrieve her toy taking my arm out of the socket along with her.  Lucky for me she is a good dog and retrieved my arm too.  I am hoping to have my mom sew it back on next time I am at her place.


I planned The Coach a surprise birthday dinner.  And then when he told me last week he had an obligation for Thursday night I got all mad and told him I had planned him surprise birthday dinner that night.   He said, "On the 2nd?"  I replied, "No on the 9th."  
"Well my meeting is on the 2nd."
Oops. Happy Birthday The Coach.

Make me feel better. AGAIN.  What have you done lately that is stupid?


  1. I left my ENTIRE Christmas list open on my laptop where my seven year old found it and read it, top to bottom.

    Worst part? On the list were also the items coming from Santa. How do I work my way out of this one?!

  2. I'm forever doing stupid stuff! It's just one of the quirky things that DH has come to know and love about least that's what I keep telling myself! LOL

    PS...Is Clem short for something? Maybe CLEMSON? Just curious.

  3. know my stupid move, you emailed me about it yesterday!

  4. Good you did not attach Clem to the stroller.
    I do things like that with my hubby too but it is his fault, always. :)

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still laughing about the 2nd and the

  6. We all live on that street Heather.

    Some of us just moved in and some of us are the geezers of the block.

  7. I'm thinking...I'm thinking...

    I'll get back to you on this. :)

  8. Oops! At least The Coach is going to make it to his party. That's good news!

    I've been doing a lot of looking for things, getting angry I can't find them, then realizing it's in my hand. Pretty stupid.

  9. The surprise party thing so sounds like something that would happen with me? And for me, the question would have to be ... What stupid thing have you NOT done lately. I'm on sinus meds and it's making me all loopy and stupid!

  10. This is hilarious. :) I do stupid things alllllll the time.

  11. LOL!
    How fun it that to read a post and get a good list of stupid things is rather lengthy!=)

  12. I do stupid stuff daily. Like burn our dinner.

  13. Stupid things are a daily occurance for me. Tell Clem good dog for bringing you're arm back, he needs you to keep your thumbs intact to work the can opener.

  14. I put hot bacon grease (that I thought had cooled some) into a plastic baby food container because I didn't have anything glass or metal. Then I sat and watched as the plastic melted and grease ran all over my counter & floor. Yeah, I knew better...

  15. oh man, my list goes on and on...topping it off was making jello and pouring the boiling water into a metal bowl that i was holding in my other hand...burned hand like whoa

    i have more, i'm I have some from today...i just can't even think of them right now haha...

    found you on tuesday blog hop, just saying hi :)



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