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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Latest Development

We have lift off. 
Shaye Baby is walking. 
With my first baby I nearly pestered him to death trying to get him to walk by his first birthday.  We practiced and I bought him pushy toys.The poor baby probably had stress.
With the fifth...not so much.  Who needs walking when you have parents and three out of four siblings can tote you?  Why bother standing up when some family member or pet is just going to knock you down again?

At almost fourteen months she had shown no interest or inclination in walking.  Then she accidentally took a step the other day.  We all then got excited and coaxed her to take a few more steps.

She held steady at only attempting a few steps at a time for a couple of weeks.  She crawls the fastest of any of my kids, so I guess she figured it was more efficient.  I assume babies think about such things.

Over the weekend though she busted out with some real marathon attempts.

Then she progressed right on to Downward Dog.

What are you kids up to these days and what do you do different from the first baby to the last?


  1. Lock your cabinets, put breakables away, watch out for a speedy, curious toddler, and cute one on top of that.
    She looks like runner in the making to me, and a barefoot one too :).

  2. Loving the baby yoga! My Little Bit started crawling on Tuesday. He just propped himself up and off he went. He has been combat crawling for some time now. I assume to avoid the four large dogs we have in the house. Duck and cover baby, duck and cover!

    It's so cool to see them reach milestones. Little Bit is my first but I am told I am super obnoxiously over protective. I call it mothering but hey everyone has opinions ;D

  3. Cute pictures!! My first baby walked at 8 months (yeah, super overachiever, very annoying), so when my second wasn't walking by his first birthday I thought something was wrong with him (still sometimes wonder) but he eventually took steps on his own time. #3, (is it terrible that I can' really remember?) shortly after turning 1 and #4 at 7 months has recently started pulling himself up and cruising along the couch and coffee table. The only difference between 1 and 4 is I'm trying to discourage the behavior... I was happy to have only 3 mobile kids. ha ha :)

  4. I love when babies stand in the downward dog!

  5. love it... I miss those days with my little one. she just wants to run everywhere now.

    Thanks for linking up.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

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  7. Aww heck. My baby just moved up from a scooter to a big girl bike...with training wheels, though! It's amazing how fast time flies!
    New follower!


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