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Monday, October 25, 2010

Katy Triathlon - Race Recap

This is it.  The last triathlon of the season!

This race has changed locations since the last time I did it.  Good thing I have The Coach to look at things like directions and location.

I got up early and my best friend, Preeti, came over at 5:45 am to stay with the kiddos.  We got the race super early since it isn't even ten minutes away.  Who knew?  There was a mile walk from the parking to transition.  It was a nice leisurely walk with The Coach - very quiet with the absence of all the children.  After lining all my stuff up and making two separate visits to the "lavatories" we milled around and said hi to several folks we knew.  The Coach and I had a former student/athlete racing as well as various people I take classes with from time to time and The Coach's buddy Joaquin.

The race got underway and I got to watch several groups of swimmers complete the course since my wave didn't leave off until 8:05. Whew.  I was tired from just standing there.  I did stand with some nice chatty ladies who didn't look all that intimidating, but had done a half iron man this season.  I was super impressed.  The water was a tad chilly.  Many people had wetsuits on, but I did not.  1. I do not own a wetsuit and 2. I am almost certain I would just injure myself trying to get it off.  The gun went off and I swam. The Coach said I was doing well and was in third until I decided to meander all over the course.  It is true.  Every time I took a breath looking forward I had popped up in some different part of "no man's land".  I zig zagged all over the course.  I panicked at one point because I thought I had missed a buoy and after heading back to make it realized is was not the one you had to round.  All in all I did fine on the 500 meter swim.  Time: 11:51.8       Place: 8

I was speedy quick at the first transition because I have noticed I usually lose a lot of time there.  I didn't bother to dry off.  It never seems to help anyway. (Transition - 2:10.7)

Then I was on my way.  Lucky me - the 16 mile bike course is the same route I ride a few times a week training.  Exactly the same.  It was windy, but I felt I was doing all right.  I had to come to a complete stop at one point for an ambulance.  Later I saw the ambulance loading up one of the athletes.   I hope he was not too badly injured.  I have never seen so many people suffering bike malfunctions.  I assume most of them were popped tube problems.  Fortunate that I knew all the potholes, debris, and half decayed roadkill on the route!!  I guess one guy gave up entirely because I saw some poor schmuck's bike just thrown in the ditch????

I did see something very disturbing this race I have not seen in the past.  Three guys wearing speedos.  Not just during the swim but throughout the whole race.  I wouldn't even think that would be comfortable.  It certainly was not comfortable for The Coach.

I felt I did well on the bike.  Time 54:45      Place: 8

I have really been looking forward to the 3 mile run.  I have been doing a lot of bricks and really hammering the run.  I thought maybe I could take a minute or a little more off my time.
I was wrong.  I ran hard for a mile.  By the time I got to the first water I was cramping on both sides.  I walked and drank some water.  Then I kept on plugging along.  I had no idea that running on gravel would be so different from running on pavement.  (Not that I looked at the race route beforehand to know that was what was in store.  Duh.) A couple of times I had to walk to catch my breath.  At one point a younger athlete ran beside me while I was walking and remarked, "You walk faster than I run."   Ha! 

The turn was two miles into the run and I was feeling a little better, not much.  I knew the end was coming though and that The Coach was probably already wondering where I was.  By the time I ran passed him....he had a BEER!  It was not even 10 am!!  His buddy had already finished and they were having a good time!!
So my run was less than I had hoped for, but it's ok.  Time:  32:27.3         Place: 16

We loafed around a little while trying to see race results and waiting for the transition area to open.  When it did I scooped my bike and got going even though I hadn't gotten to see my time yet.  There were still people finishing the run as we were making the mile trek back to the truck.  We took a few seconds to cheer for them.  One of the competitors finishing up couldn't have been more than 8.  Her sister was yelling for her to start her kick. (It turns out they were the youngest competitors at 8 and 10.  They both kicked my bootier in the run.  That's French for booty.)

Finish time: 1:43:04.1  Place 11/22 AG

I asked The Coach if he wanted to write a recap.  He said no.  He pointed out that it was nice that I forgot the camera so I couldn't tell him how much he sucked as a blogger.  He also wanted it to be known that there were too many men at this race and not enough hot women.  Although some of the wives were nice he said.  (Sorry.  Just keeping it real.) He seemed to be enjoying himself and even got to tool around on a volunteer golf cart since he knew the volunteer.  I asked him if he had a better time this race and he said, "No."  Hmm..  Maybe I need to start going to some of the close small races on my own?  Nah.

Next I just have to decide how to approach the off season training.  I have a few running races to do and then I plan to pick up the triathlon schedule again in April.  Any suggestions?

(Sorry this was almost as long as the race itself.  Thanks for your patience.)


  1. I enjoyed reading your recap. Wasn't that long.
    Sorry about cramping but you kept on going and that counts. Congrats on a good race.
    Somebody ditched their bike? Guess he/she was done with triathlons.

  2. Congrats on your tri. Cramping stinks.

  3. You are now my hero. I will think of you often today while I'm sitting on my couch.

  4. Wow... I was impressed with you as I was reading this but I have to say.. your friend Preeti sounds like da bomb! Everyone should have a "Preeti" friend!


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