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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fire Drill!!

I teach AP and prep U.S. History.
The curriculum for APUSH is from first contact with the New World through the present. You can imagine that we are pressed for time to get all that covered.

Imagine the end of my world as we know it as I was rushing through the high points of the Massachusetts Bay Colony yesterday and the fire drill sounded. I impulsively yelled at my kids, "Grab your notes. We are continuing outside. Run!" The run not to save them from a fiery inferno mind you, but to assure they got out of the building first giving us maximum time to learn.

Once outside (in the 100 degree heat mind you) we continued our studies. My sweet sweet students humored me by gathering around me in a semi circle (Sorry Fire Marshall, I know they were supposed to be in a straight line.) and listening with rapt attention as I waxed poetic about John Winthrop and "a city upon a hill." I am sure they wrote extensively about the shenanigans of Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams.

The rest of the student body looked upon us (as they threw frisbees and got lost from their classes) confusion and amusement. Our geekiness was apparent.

Overall I did finish my lecture and the studetns will have something to write about in each other's year books. "Remember the time......that crazy Mrs. B. lectured us during the fire drill and everyone stared at us like we were crazy. Good Times." Ok. Maybe not.


  1. wow. I'm impressed with the students that actually listened.

  2. That is HILARIOUS! My kids have great teachers like you - and are excelling in school because of dedicated, wonderful teachers like YOU who "get a little crazy" and bend the rules a bit and make things interesting.

    Great job! And, great post!

  3. So funny. I'm impressed by your students. I don't think I would've been so dedicated. Good for you. :)

  4. haha! that cracks me up! and I thought I was a crazy one telling my kids they HAD to check in with me and with every kid I would say 'you made it out alive!!!' and give them a hi-five. haha! you must have super long fire drills too to get in a lecture!


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