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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Not only was our trip to Waco for the purpose of racing, it was also a much needed get away for The Coach and I.

We went out to eat and had adult drinks. We visited the Dr. Pepper museum. We saw many cool things.

I am sorry I have no pictures. SOMEONE wouldn't stop the car on the highway and make a U-turn at my request so I could take pictures.

I warned The Coach at one point that if he did not stop the car and let me out to take pictures he was going to be villified in my blog.

His response was, "Yeah."

I think he underestimates the literary and social impact of this blog.

So I began to list all of the things I wanted a picture of he wouldn't let me capture.

~ A large bright yellow sculpture of a guy riding a bike. It was really realistic except for the part where he was bright yellow.

~ A set of horse drawn carriages for sale. I was going to make a quip that I would buy one when the Womb on Wheels went kaput. I would have also added a joke about fuel efficiency.

~ A sign for The TWL Widdle Ass Farm. Seriously. I couldn't make that up.

~ A really big bull statue in someone's front yard.

~ A yard full of like twenty or more broken down cars that the grass had nearly swallowed up. It was really cool looking.

After a while I quit hollering out what I wanted to capture and just started writing down things while giving The Coach the sideways skunk eye. But the list went down hill from there.

~ Big tree.

~ Large inflatable sock monkey on top of car dealership.

~ Gas station with about twenty five dogs in kennels in front of it.

~ Another tree.

So now you know all the cool things you missed out on because SOMEONE wouldn't turn around. Hmph. My work here is done.

I have been on and off about joining the hops since I am not on my own computer and I don't have the buttons on this one. (I hate to put them on a computer that isn't mine.)

I am going to join today and just leave the links. I hope that is ok.

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  1. Tell the Coach that wasn't very nice of him. I would have liked to see the picture of the yellow dude on a bicycle and the wagon. :(

    Have a great day!

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  3. LOL!!! Girl you are sooo funny... I reallly would have liked to see a pix of TWL Widdle Ass Farm.

  4. Following from FMBT - You have a gorgeous family and a great sense of humor (from what I have read so far)
    Hope you will stop by and check me out!

  5. Tell the coach that i'm so sad I couldn't see the pictures!

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  7. How dare them not turn around for you!! I've uturned because I forgot my camera before. :) Is there actually a dr pepper museum

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