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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Van

Ignore the dates on the following pics. I didn't reset my camera after I recharged the batteries.

This is my car. I decided to congratulate the Womb on Wheels today for "flipping" to 100,000 miles last week. I have never had a car survive me that long. It is a 2006 Buick Terraza and I love it. This thing is like a tank. We are in the beginning stages of discussing our next vehicle and I am not excited about it.

1. This car will be paid for early 2011.

2. A new car will just look exactly like this just mere months after purchase.

This is where I backed into a parked car leaving the Walgreen's parking lot. I was nice and left a note on the car I hit even though I couldn't even see a scratch. The owner later called me and met up with me. He looked at the house I came out of and said, "This is a VERY nice neighborhood." He said it in a suggestive, money grubbing, scuz-bucket type of tone. I had to inform him it was my parents' house and he seemed quite upset. Later he parked blocking the driveway and tried to get hit again. I guess he hoped it was genetic. (That last part was fiction.) I not so nicely dismissed him when he tried to "settle" with me after learning the insurance company wasn't going to pay him millions for a new wax job.

At one time there was a nice little strip under the doors, but it turns out after kids drag their feet over it a couple million times it falls off. NO biggie.

Gum. Thanks Tanner. Remember the Great Gum Ban of 2009? It's back.

This is where a lady backed in to me the other day outside of the grocery store. She freaked out. I told her to chill. I hope she is ok. I really thought she was on the verge of a breakdown.

Maybe she should have taken a peek inside. She might not have worried so much about marring my ride. I am considering installing a switch I can activate that keeps all the kids' doors locked, not just until we are parked, but until they have all their belongings and trash in their hands. Then I could flip the switch the let them out. (Maybe in addition an arm could emerge and steer them all directly to the trash can.) I think this would be effective in the summer when no one wants to sit in a un airconditioned car. (GM - are you reading this?)

Finally. What? Don't you keep a microwave in your car. It is expensive to get drive thru snacks for five kids. What if you just plug this in and zap some pizza pockets, or maybe a couple of tortillas? Oh, just kidding. I had to clean out my classroom at school. (Don't they know I am moving? I have no where put this.)

Not pictured in this post:
~ The ten reusable grocery bags I always forget to actually take in the store.
~ An unidentified food specimen stuck to the back of the last row seat.
~ The coffee cup I ate my oatmeal out of this morning.
~ 57 Sonic straw wrappers.
~ One euphonium mouthpiece.


  1. ahhhh...typical mom car! i think we all have the same thing, just a different color!
    i love your blog and i just wanted to let you know i gave you an award over at my place!

  2. Thanks for stoping by my blog yesterday. I can relate. By the way, my husband teaches math at one of our local high schools, and I'm a secretary for one of the elementary schools.

  3. They're like our second homes, aren't they? You never know what you'll need so ya gotta have it in the car. Although the euphonium mouthpiece....maybe not that.

  4. haha! I am going to have the Gum Ban of 2010 for my kids. Geez! It is everywhere!
    And could you please invent the thingy that keeps the kids in the car until they pick up all their junk! Great idea!

  5. Following you from trendy treehouse follow friday. I'm getting a new car too, prob August. My car is paid off and not happy about having a car payment again. But with the new addition (3rd boy) we need a bigger ride. Stop by my blog when you get a chance:

  6. Aww, it's funny how you end up with so many random stories about the messes your car got into. Mine is the same way and it's pretty embarrassing to admit!

  7. What a memory filled vehicle you have. :)

  8. hahaha-- your car is a prize next to mine!

  9. We have the Saturn Relay and it looks very similar to yours. We have a nice yellow scratch along one of the sliding doors which I have no idea where it came from. I know there is more.


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