So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Thursday

I am joining MannLand5 in sharing the 5 Things that have made me


I have missed the kids this week. What with The Coach's surgery and overall chaos, I just feel like I have hardly seen them. But summer is here so hopefully that will change soon.

In no particular order.

1. Tan Man - He has finished the sixth grade with flying colors. This kid has come a long way. He needs a haircut, but yesterday he was wearing a cap and I just love how his hair flips up out from under it. I also love his freckles. How can you not laugh with a grinning kid who has freckles? He is thankful I got a new bike because he has commandeered the old one - that oughta finish it off.
2. Saigie - My new nine year old. She is a little under the weather now, but I am sure she will be bouncing back soon. Today is her last day of third grade. Oh. They seem so old once they are in the fourth grade. Her last volleyball game is Saturday. She has done a great job! This summer she will be going to camp for the first time ever.

3. Ty - I haven't seen much of this guy this week. I miss him too! He will be in high school in the fall - maybe sans braces! He is starting summer football as soon as he gets back from Beach Retreat with church. I hope he gets to spend a lot of time fishing this summer since that is his favorite thing. He is happy because he managed to finally wrangle payment for babysitting services.

4. Tayter Tot, Goofball, Short Bus, Tot Pot - This little mocking bird doesn't want to be called any of these nicknames anymore. He only wants to be Tayte. Shoes make him happy. If a pair is left out you can bet he will be walking around in them soon. I have been missing him this week too. It is unusual for him not to be RIGHT UNDER MY FEET!! It's was oddly quiet when he spent the night with Gramma.

5. Look at those fat rolls. How can that not make me happy? (When the fat rolls aren't on me that is.) She loved her first trip to the swimming pool. She also loved showing Gramma all her new tricks and then refusing to show any of us at home. She actually laughed when we asked her to wave bye bye and pat cakes for us. She is motoring around the house like nobody's business. We often have to shout, "Who has a visual on the baby?" You can be sure that she is looking for something, anything to poke in her mouth.

Well that's my five. I am happy to look at their little faces even just in the pics. They have a half day today and then summer is on.

(For them...I have summer school. That makes me happy too. I lie.)


  1. So precious! Have a great summer!

  2. Beautiful kids! Fat rolls on babies do make me smile. My Lexi had such big fat rolls, and they were great!


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