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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monkey Cake

Today I am joining The Girl Creative in Just Something I Whipped Up. I hope to get some ideas for my new house and maybe even for a birthday party we have coming up.

In the spirit of sharing I am showing this cake idea I found on the internet last year.

See this cute little dude? See THIS cute little dude?

This is the cake I made for my son's second birthday last year. I was looking for a monkey cake, but I didn't feel like spending a fortune on one. We decided on a monkey theme because of the hilarious way he had been saying monkey. Monkme! (Well you know how things are funnier when your own kid is doing it. )
I was very impressed with how it turned it because I am really not the most crafty person in the whole wide world.
It is one round cake I cut out a little piece on each side and covered it with chocolate icing. I used Black Twizzlers for the sticking up hair and chocolate sprinkles for the other hair. Then I cut one edge off chocolate donuts and ate them. I used the rest for the ears. (I also ate the rest of the package. What? I was working hard.)

Then I took a white can of icing and used some of the first layer of eyes. The second layer is a York Peppermind Patty. Then a dab more. The rest of the icing I colored pink and used for the cheeks. Red gel icing makes the mouth and two brown M&Ms are the nose. (Not pictured below.)

I used the rest of the cake batter as cupcakes.

I could done some cute coordinating monkey decorations, but I didn't. No need to get all carried away!

There! I hope someone can use this idea for a party this summer.


  1. love it! i wish my kids would eat cake on their birthday...the insist on donuts.

  2. That is a super cute cake! I like how you took different food items and incorporated them into the cake.

  3. So cute! I love the creative use of the donuts and york peppermint patties. yum!

  4. Love that cake! And I especially love the eating of the doughnuts.

    I am so going to make that. It is just super adorable.

  5. I love That CAKE!!! My boys would love it too! Great Idea!


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