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Monday, May 3, 2010

Minute Monday

Minute Monday

1 - How much would you have to be paid to eat a human cadaver's finger?
Depends. Does it have to be plain or can it be disquised with queso? I would eat alot of things covered in queso, maybe even lima beans. Can I have wine with it? If I can have queso and wine then I would do it for 250,000 dollars. No queso, no deal.

2 - Describe the worst physical fight you've ever been in.
It would probably have to be some altercation with a brother. Some incident in which they were horribly wrong and I had to set them straight. For their own good.

3 - Name one song that if you never heard it ever again, you'd be thrilled.
Anything by Taylor Swift. Please could someone make this happen?

4 - Describe the "drunkest" situation you've ever been.
When I drink too much I tend to get sick before I manage to do too much dumb. I prefer a nice middle of the road giggly, tipsy state of mind.

5 - What's your biggest regret?
I regret that I stole my husband's lunch this morning because it was not any good. (Queso finger may have been better.)


  1. Oh, your answer to #1 was hysterical! Although I have to say, NOTHING would make me eat lima beans. I think I'd rather eat the finger. But wine definitely helps everything go down easier! :-)

  2. Thanks for linking up! That's what I'm saying. Fry that sumbitch on up and I'm eating it. Ten million of course though...

  3. Hey. Next week I will not forget the important step of including your blog address in my post. For now..if you would like to join Minute Monday please click on Ian's name above.
    My apologies.

  4. Hey. Ian, next week I will not remember to link back to your blog post. Sorry about that. For now if you want to join Minute Monday please click on Ian's name above.

  5. Too funny! I love reading posts like this. I wouldn't eat a finger for $5 million!!!!

  6. Oh my stars, I just found you via the Daily Dribbles, and oh man, I am so glad that I did! You have the greatest sense of humor, I have chuckled more in the last 10 minutes than I did all day! Thank you for sharing such smiles!


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