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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pancake Extravaganza!!!

We needed to do something a little different at home tonight. Things are in a boring routine of clean, clean, clean, go to the park during a showing, eat, bed. So tonight we transformed our regular brinner into Pancake Extravaganza. No, The Coach was not here. Why do you ask? (If he were here we would have had to have a beef and potato pancake.)

I started off by mixing up regular pancake batter and then taking requests (within reason) .

Fruit Loop pancakes are totally reasonable.

We ended up with apple/brown sugar/cinnamon, peanut butter/chocolate chip, bacon/maple syrup, banana/strawberry, Fruit Loop, and finally pumpkin pie.

The rules were everyone who tasted each pancake got to vote.

Here are the results

Ty - apple/brown sugar cinnamon

Tanner - peanut butter chocolate chip

Saige - peanut butter chocolate chip

Tayte - Fruit Loop

Me - I am allergic to bananas and peanuts, so those two varieties tasted like death to me. So I will go with bacon/maple syrup, which incidentally came in second for each of the kids.

Most importantly it was fun and we made a BIG mess without worrying about who might come view the house. Fun!!


  1. hehehe, that is soooooo cute Heather. Do you think the kids ever talk about their dinners when they go to school LOL and if they do, wonder if anyone would believe Fruit Loop Pancakes

  2. you are crazy. In a good way. My son would KILL for some Fruit Loop Pancakes...but he would refer to them as Fruit Boops. tee hee.


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