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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost - Desmond saves the bunny, and Charlie

Desmond! Based on his reaction to Widmore’s revelation that he is on the island I would guess Desmond is none too happy. Apparently this isn’t the island vacation he would have preferred. Also it seems that the “test” is awfully harsh. What if they were wrong?

His sideways flash starts off pretty benignly. I bet Claire regretted turning down that ride after her cab got hi-jacked by a gun toting, fugitive Kate. (But – she too had a choice.) I get that Desmond and Widmore are cooperating in the side flash. But is it just me or does he look stricken when Widmore pours him the scotch? Why?

I don’t understand if Charlie’s dressing gown rantings are part of a greater understanding, or a drug induced state. I also don’t understand this: We have heard many times that “dead on the island is dead” so….Charlie is dead. Daniel is dead. So isn’t their alternate reality going to ultimately have to kill them off at the same time they were killed on this island? Surely Eloise isn’t trying to keep Daniel alive?? And in his pre island life she once tells him to stop playing the piano because he is needed to do something else. What? What was so monumental then that he no longer needs to do? Is his whole bomb detonating plan no longer necessary?

Eloise basically says it is not time yet for Desmond to worry about Penny. Why? Is his devotion to Penny some kind of obstacle to him doing what the island needs him to do? I don’t understand. I read another blogger's theory that their loves (Charlotte, Penny, and Claire) are what is motivating them. It's as good as any other theory I have heard.....

And both Richard and Desmond seem to have very important roles on the island, but they seem to be in different spheres. Are their two roles going to eventually come together? Because I can’t fit this in with the whole good/evil scenario (that I don’t buy anyway).

Disclaimer- My husband came home right after Desmond left Eloise. So, I got to watch the first part twice and then fell asleep during the second part. If my recap seems “gappy” I blame my husband. On the same note though any insight would be much appreciated.


  1. Sorry, I don't watch Lost. So, of course, I'm totally LOST on this one....

  2. The people who have died on the island (Charlie, Daniel) seem to have access to both timelines for some reason. I guess that's why Charlie seemed to want to die (by walking in front of the traffic)?

  3. D. Heather's brotherApril 9, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    First of all, Daniel was killed on the island by his own mother in 1977. It would be tough for him to die at the same time in the new non-crash time line. Looks like Charlie came through for you though, although if you track the times, he died earlier in the non-crash timeline than in the island timeline. Charlie wants to die because he had gotten so close to "bliss" during his near death experience with swallowing the drugs on the plane and he wants to recapture that feeling. Eloise seems to be the only truly "omniscient" person in the whole deal, and she is not giving up enough info for me. We need to import Jack Bauer from 24 to torture her for a while until she tells us what the hell is going on!!


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