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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST "The Package"

Ok. I don't know how to put cute pictures on here. But I do want to comment about LOST. (If I try to put cute pictures on here...I will forget what I wanted to say about LOST.

I still have a theory that there are TWO lists. One for FLocke (Fake Locke) and one for Jacob. I think the cave is Flocke's and he lied about it. Him saying that Kate is not a candidate even though her name is at the Lighthouse seems to support this. But of course I am probably WAY off.

My brother called it a couple of weeks ago that Sun's dad was being Jin and his money and his confinement in the fridge. I like the way the "flash sideways" are parallel to what is happening on the island. Sun can't speak English. Jin being confined.

My big question is...Why CAN'T FLocke turn to smoke and fly to the other island. He was smoke at the Temple wasn't he?? Can he only be smoke at the temple. Was that NOT him? (That doesn't seem logical. Logical? Ha!)

My DVR quit before revealing the contents of the package. I had to wait until this morning to find out.

Widmore does not seem as mean as he did previously. Of course he blow darted the whole FLocke group just to get Jin. That seems unecessary.

And finally...there are alot of women on the island who are well groomed...I mean considering their situation. Why is Claire the only one who can't manage to find something with which to brush her hair??


  1. Oh. Last thought. I thought it was hilarious when Kate and FLocke were talking and she pointed out that he had killed all those people at the temple.

    He replied, "Those people were confused." As a high school teacher it struck me as funny.

  2. FLocked cannot turn into the smoke monster and fly to the Hydra island because it would involve LEAVING THE (main) ISLAND, and he is not allowed to do that. The temple is on the main island.

    Claire could at least take a bath! There is plenty of water! They have an entire ocean!

    Widmore isnt mean because he thinks things are going his way. He is only mean when he doesnt get his way, kinda like a sister I know.


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